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Making a Ball of Yarn with a Yarn Swift and Ball Winder


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Winding the Ball of Yarn
Beginning to wind a ball of yarn.

Beginning to Wind a Ball of Yarn

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Now that everything's set up, you can begin to wind your ball of yarn. Slowly turn the crank at the back of the winder in the direction indicated on the instructions that came with your winder, and the ball will begin to form on the winder.

Use your other hand to gently guide the yarn between the yarn swift and the ball winder, as it is easy for the yarn to get caught on one of the arms of the swift, causing the mostly plastic parts within your ball winder to strain.

It's possible to break a ball winder if you put too much pressure on the parts, so keep it slow and gentle at first and make sure the yarn isn't getting caught on anything as it winds.

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