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Keeping Your Shawl in Place

Seams, Sticks and Other Tricks


Once you've made a few shawls or wraps and start wearing them around, you might begin to wonder how you are supposed to keep them on your shoulders as you go about your day. Here are a few different options you can try to keep yourself snuggly, no matter what you're doing.

Make Mine a Poncho

The easiest way to keep your wrap on your shoulders is to convert it into a poncho. All you have to do to turn a wrap into a poncho is sew the two side seams together.

Of course this isn't always an option. If the shawl is very long, for instance, the hole for your head will be too wide for the piece to hang on your shoulders. If it's very short, the resulting hole could be too small. And if your project doesn't have straight sides, you wouldn't want to try this.

Concoct a Solution

In desperation I have used binder clips and pencils to hold my wrap in place. Neither of these are very attractive solutions, but the pencil in particular is a great idea. Just wrap the shawl around your shoulders, then weave the pencil in and out of both layers a couple of times. This will hold the wrap securely and shouldn't hurt your knitting.

If you're at home instead of the office when you need a shawl solution, you might be able to find a prettier way to keep your wrap under wraps. Try a chopstick, a hair stick, a knitting needle (even a knitting stitch holder) or a decorative pin or brooch. You could also use a large safety pin.

I have a very strange bauble that is supposed to be a hair accessory, though I've never quite figured out how to use it in my hair. It features two long metal arms like a really big, wide bobby pin, with a beaded flower on the end. It's so shiny I can't take a proper picture of it. A friend bought it for me in Japan. It is the best wrap holder ever, though I'm really the only one who can see the flower when I use it.

Buy a Solution

The most sensible solution, which also gets you some retail therapy, is to buy something that is designed to keep your shawl closed while you wear it. This could be a decorative pin or brooch, which you can buy at a discount retailer, a jewelry store, a flea market or an antiques store.

Knitting shops and websites also sell pins and sticks that can be used to hold your wrap. These accessories are often whimsical and make wonderful gifts for any knitter on your list. And if someone in your family loves to buy stocking stuffers, forward them this article and they'll know just what to get you.

Sources for Shawl Sticks and Pins

Check out your local yarn store or buy online. Here are just a few places to look:

  • Fashion Scarves and Shawls has a great selection of pins.
  • Designs by Romi has gorgeous beaded pins, wire work pins and shawl closure sticks, among other delights.
  • Beadworks by Kerri offers handmade shawl pins with interesting shapes. A search on Etsy would also help you find many other options.

Now you'll no longer have to worry about your shawl falling off when you're in the middle of something important!

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