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Choosing a Knitting Bag

Your Knitting's in the Bag


Knitting bag

Even the best bags can overflow when you're knitting a big project.

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What makes the perfect knitting bag is different for every knitter. Someone who exclusively knits socks and small projects is going to want something completely different from someone who knits sweaters or afghans.

The point of having a knitting bag is that it makes your project more portable. It should allow you to hold everything you need for the project you are working on, as well as a few extras.

What Goes in a Knitting Bag?

Before you go shopping for a knitting bag, you'll need to consider the projects you make most often. If you range between large and small projects, you might want to buy or make both large and small bags.

At the very least, your knitting bag should have room for the following:

  • Your project in various stages of completion, along with the needles it is on.
  • The yarn you are currently using for your project.
  • An extra ball of yarn in case you do a lot of knitting away from home.
  • Any additional needles you need to complete your project.
  • The pattern you are working on.
  • Scissors, a yarn needle, stitch holders, and any other small supplies you might need for your project.
  • Lotion or balm for your hands.

You might also want to include an extra pair of needles and a little ball of yarn if you're a knitting evangelist and like to be able to teach other people to knit when the spot you knitting in public.

Some knitting bags claim to double as a purse. If that's something you're interested in, check the dimensions to make sure all your knitting gear and your necessary purse stuff will fit inside.

Let's Go Shopping!

There are many, many different manufacturers of knitting bags, purses and carry-alls these days. A quick web search for knitting bags or knitting purses will show you the vast selection (and range of price points) available.

Again, you'll want to keep your personal need-list in mind when you are looking at knitting bags, whether online or at your local yarn shop. Some knitting bags are very fancy, while others are quite Spartan. Neither is right or wrong. Some people are happy to keep their knitting in a plastic sack or a backpack or bag they already owned. Whatever solution works for you is the right one.

Having said that, some basic features are helpful for almost any knitter.

  • Hard sides make your bag more durable and make it easier to load.
  • A snap instead of a zipper is preferable so your knitting doesn't get stuck.
  • A pocket or two for accessories is always a good idea.
  • Purse-length handles make it easy to throw your bag over your shoulder.

The main exception to these rules is if you're looking for a bag for small projects like socks. Then something with soft sides, a drawstring and a short strap that can wrap around your wrist is preferable.

Making Your Own Bag

Of course you could also make your own knitting bag. You're crafty, right? Whether you want to knit a knitting bag or make one out of fabric, there are many patterns you can choose from.

The best design for a homemade knitting bag, however, may be one you make yourself. Again, you know what your needs are and how best to keep yourself organized. You might just want a tote bag with no interior pockets, or you might want to design a series of slots, pouches and pockets to keep all your needles and supplies in place.

Using Your Bag

A knitting bag doesn't do you any good if you don't use it, and the best way to use it is outside of your home. A knitting bag is a great way to transport your work from place to place without getting it dirty or losing an important piece of equipment, but it also allows you easy access to your knitting at all times. That means plenty of opportunities for knitting in public.

Even if you don't like sharing your knitting projects with the world, every knitter should have some kind of knitting bag to get their projects from Point A to Point B. Someday you'll go on vacation or want to take your knitting to a knit-in at your local yarn shop and you'll be glad you bought a nice knitting bag that will hold all your necessities and keep you organized no matter where you go.

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