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Lion Brand Speed Stix


Lion Brand Speed Stix

Stitches on Lion Brand Speed Stix.

Sarah White

Big Needles, Fast Results:

I've been intrigued by the Lion Brand Speed Stix for some time. These size 50 needles make short work of any big project. They're feather-light, fun and easy to use.

I decided to take the sticks for a spin for a quick and easy capelet pattern. Here's what I found out.

Light and Lovely:

The first thing you'll notice when you pick up the plastic Speed Stix is that they are incredibly light. You wouldn't expect needles that are so big could possibly be so light, but they are.

These needles are also huge. They're a whopping 25 millimeters wide. You get about two stitches per inch just because of the large diameter of the needles.

That means no matter what you want to knit, it will knit up quickly with these speed demons. You can knit a scarf in an hour, a wrap in two, and a small blanket in four hours.

Quick Work:

These needles are perfect for big projects with big yarn. You can combine two, three, or four different strands of yarn to knit with these needles, or use one strand of super-thick yarn to make a project that's open and holey. That's what I chose.

Any project knit on these needles would go quickly. The huge stitches are easy to work with and because the needles are so light and big they are no trouble to hold.

Using these needles would be ideal for people with repetitive strain problems because they are so easy to grip. It would truly be possible to finish a project in one sitting and in comfort.

Road Test:

My project was knit up in two evenings, probably about two hours of work. The needles were a joy to work with, though it's impossible to use your standard knitting grip with needles so large.

Once you figure out the grip that works for you, you'll be on your way to finishing a big, cozy project in no time. I had no strain at all working with these needles, which is saying a lot considering the wrist problems I was having at the time.

Speed Stix Patterns:

If you'd like to try out the Speed Stix for yourself, you can make a simple scarf super-quick by just combining three or four yarns and knitting a simple pattern like garter stitch.

If you'd like a fancier pattern to try, Lion Brand has more than a dozen patterns for the Speed Stix on its website (free registration required).

The Bottom Line:

Speed Stix are a lot of fun to work with and will make short work of any project you want to knit big. You probably won't find a lot of projects you want to make with such large stitches, but they're fun to use and the perfect tool when you need to make a last-minute gift.

Speed Stix retail for $11.95 and you should be able to find them at yarn shops and other retail stores that sell Lion Brand yarn, or they can be purchased direct from Lion in the U.S. and Canada. In the UK, you can buy them from Banyan Tree Yarns They're not a small investment, but they are a good investment.

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