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Stress Relief Gloves

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Stress Relief Gloves.

Lion Brand's Stress Relief Gloves.

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The Bottom Line

If you've ever hurt yourself by knitting too long at a stretch, using Lion Brand's Stress Relief Gloves can help you knit longer more comfortably.

Using these gloves makes my hands feel warmer and less stiff, and if I'm beginning to feel sore when I put them on I can knit for another hour or two without pain.

While it would probably be better to rest more often when I knit, these gloves allow my to push myself a little farther and knit a little longer without pain.


  • Seems to increase circulation and make hands warmer.
  • I can knit longer without pain when using them.
  • Wrists and fingers feel less stiff when using them.
  • They fit a range of sizes.


  • Can be a little uncomfortable/hard to get used to wearing them.
  • Seams in the fabric can be painful.
  • Nylon fabric gets a little ragged with use.


  • Made of nylon and spandex, these little gloves stretch easily and fit snuggly.
  • Unlike stiff braces that you shouldn't try to knit with, these don't impede your movement so you can do whatever you want.
  • Once you get used to carrying these around and using them regularly, you'll probably find you're having less knitting pain.

Guide Review - Stress Relief Gloves

It seems like more and more knitters are complaining about repetitive strain injuries, probably because we're knitting for longer periods of time or because we're knitting after long days in front of computers.

Whatever the reason, more of us are looking for ways to knit without pain, or to knit longer without pain. There are tons of products out there, mostly gloves, that say they can help, but I enjoy the Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves for one big reason: I have really small hands and these fit me!

The nylon gloves actually come in several sizes, so they'll probably fit you, too. They seem to improve circulation and make my hands feel happier longer.

I even wear them sometimes when I'm working on the computer or just sitting and reading when my wrists already hurt and they seem to relieve my pain then, too.

Best yet, they're small, so you can stuff them in your knitting bag and always have them handy!

One big tip I have when wearing these gloves is to have the seam-side on the top of your hand rather than the palm. They're a lot more comfortable that way.

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