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The Knit Kit

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The Knit Kit

The Knit Kit shows off some of its tricks.

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The Bottom Line

The Knit Kit is a great way to keep a bunch of knitting supplies together in a way that makes it less likely you'll lose them, as long as you remember to replace things after you've used them. It's easy to grab, throw in your knitting bag and go with the assurance that you'll have most of the tools you might need while on the go.

Though I might have tried to include a few other things (or to make the whole kit a bit smaller) it's still a useful tool and probably takes up less space that a row counter, tape measure, scissors, a crochet hook and the other tools would take if you put them in a bag.


  • Handy kit contains seven useful knitting tools.
  • Scissors are TSA complaint, making it great for travel.
  • Fits into your project bag easily and keeps most of your necessities together.
  • The size and shape make it easy to reach into your bag and grab without really looking.


  • The kit is rather larger, about as big as a woman's hand.
  • Some tools that could be there, like a sewing needle, aren't.
  • Shiny black plastic is easily scratched and shows fingerprints.


  • The Knit Kit includes a well-rounded assortment of tools every knitter needs at one time or another.
  • The lightweight product is easy to stuff in a knitting bag or purse and keep with you all the time.
  • A small door in the back of the tool makes it possible to add your own musts, like a yarn needle.

Guide Review - The Knit Kit

The Knit Kit has been called a Swiss Army tool for knitters, and it's easy to see why. This small package includes many knitting tool essentials:

  • a stitch counter that can be locked so you don't accidentally add more rows when you don't mean to
  • a small thread cutter
  • a retractable five-foot tape measure
  • a removable crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches or weaving in ends

Inside a small door on the back of the tool you'll find a pair of folding scissors that are Transportation Security Administration compliant (meaning you can take them on airplanes), two point protectors for smallish needles and four small and four larger rubber stitch markers.

All of that knitting goodness fits in a package that's about 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide (it's oval shaped and covered in black plastic) and weighs about 90 grams, or a little more than 3 ounces.

If you're the sort of person who is always losing her scissors, or who can never find a stitch counter when he needs one, this is a great tool (provided you can remember where you put it!).

The row counter is an easy to use, kacha-kacha style counter with a lock, and there are dials on the numbers for easy resetting.

The tape measure pulls out easily with a tap pull, though it is a little noisy. Inch measurements are on one side and centimeters on the other; a button on the face of the tool retracts the tape measure.

The other tools are easy to access, though the crochet hook isn't all that easy to put back in place. It's also not that practical for actual crocheting (it's meant to be used to fix mistakes) because of the small size and the curved shape.

There are some other tools I might have included if I were designing such a product. Most notably I'd want to include a yarn needle, because that's a tool I'm 1) always losing and 2) never seem to have handy when I need it. A couple of locking stitch markers might have been nice, too, in addition to the sort that slip onto the needle.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Love My Knit Kit, Member ab-collect

For years I used a version of a Chatelaine around my neck, but last summer when I visited an out of town knit shop (when HORRORS I brought no knitting supplies on my trip), they showed me the Knit Kit. Since I needed all those little things for the knitting project I was buying, I bought it -- but wasn't too sure I really needed it. WOW I use it all the time and just bought a second one. There have been two newer versions than the one reviewed. The second one is blue (no fingerprints) and does include a great yarn needle (this is the one I bought). Then the latest one is pink and the ""door"" is actually a needle gauge. Love it! ~barb

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