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Knit Picks Options Harmony

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Harmony Needles.

Knit Picks Options Harmony.

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The Bottom Line

The Harmony line of Knit Picks Options are beautiful, easy to work with and versatile. While they don't come in absolutely every size you could ever want (and the company sells noninterchangeable needles in smaller sizes), they are available in most sizes and the range from 4 to 11 US that comes in the set takes care of most knitting tasks.

If you already own the Nickel Knit Picks Options set or another set of interchangeable needles that you like, it isn't absolutely vital to buy these. But if you're in the market for a set, or just really love wooden needles, get yourself a set.


  • Lightweight, easy to carry around and use.
  • Laminated birch wood is beautiful as well as functional.
  • The ease of interchangeables for people who prefer wooden needles.
  • Joins are smooth and usually stay connected.


  • Sometimes joins come loose, even when using the tightening tool.
  • Needles are not labeled with their sizes.
  • There's not a huge range of cable sizes, especially on the short end.
  • The point where the wood joins the metal end sometimes feels a little rough.


  • Laminated birch wood needles are beautiful, light and strong, with a sharper point and more durability.
  • The set includes US 4-11 needles, and 13, 15, and 17 needles are also available. (Smaller needles are noninterchangeable.)
  • Needle case allows you to keep the needle points in size order, eliminating the problem of unlabeled needle tips.

Guide Review - Knit Picks Options Harmony

The original version of the Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles are a smooth nickel-plated brass, making them ultra-light and quick knitting. Knitters throughout the land loved these relatively inexpensive and versatile needles.

But the good people of Knit Picks weren't about the rest on their laurels, and they came up with Harmony, a laminated birch wood needle set inspired by a multi-colored wooden spoon.

These needles are beautiful, with waves of deep green, purple, yellow and blue running through them, giving the needle the look of tree rings in different colors.

The cables are the same as classic Knit Picks Options, and they're still really light and easy to work with. The laminated wood used to make the needles gives them more strength than traditional wooden needles while still having the stickiness that keeps stitches from sliding off wooden needles.

These needles also have sharper points than most wooden needles, making them a good choice for lace knitting and other work that requires precision.

The Knit Picks Options Harmony set comes in a great clear plastic carrying case with 14 needle slots and a clear tool pouch (these can also be purchased separately). The bag is big enough to carry a small project and other tools in as well as all your needles, or it can slip comfortably in your knitting bag.

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