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Boye Yarn on the Go Bag

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Boye Yarn on the Go Bag

The Boye Yarn on the Go Bag in action.

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The Bottom Line

The Boye Yarn on the Go Bag has its flaws, but at $9.99 for two bags you can be willing to overlook them. The bags are great to have on hand when you just need a little something to hold a little knitting project within a bigger bag or so you can easily tote it around wherever you go.

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  • This lightweight bag doesn't weigh you down.
  • The long strap makes it possible to wear and use several ways.
  • The bag is roomy enough for the first sock and beyond.


  • I managed to poke holes in one of mine with a knitting needle.
  • If you're knitting from a pattern, you'll have to fold it up to fit it inside.
  • It's best for using with circular or DPNs; long straights would poke out the top.


  • Lightweight nylon bag is great for travel.
  • Snap loop on the inside helps feed yarn without snagging.
  • Drawstring keeps bag closed when you need it to be without harming yarn.
  • Long strap makes it possible to wear the bag several different ways.

Guide Review - Boye Yarn on the Go Bag

Knitters who like to knit outside of the home always need bags to keep their yarn, needles and project in. There are all sorts of knitting bags to choose from that fulfill various needs, from a knitting bag that can also be your purse or backpack to lightweight numbers you can carry anywhere.

The Boye Yarn on the go Bag is a lightweight, nylon bag that allows you to carry a small knitting project wherever you go. The long strap means you can wear it like a purse or across your chest and knit while standing or walking, or just let it hold your yarn and keep it clean while sitting beside you when you knit in public.

I have used these bags a few times and found them to be a great way to carry a small project while knitting on the go. I mostly used them for socks and other small projects, and I have to say while a lot of stuff fits in one of the bags, I did manage to puncture one in a couple of places with an aluminum double-pointed needle during the course of what I thought was pretty normal use (a trip to the park).

Still, these bags are a handy way to keep your knitting close and clean, whether you're knitting outdoors or just need a way to keep your knitting separate from the other stuff in your giant mom purse. (Or is that just me?)

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