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Omni Knit Stix

Knitting and Measuring at Once

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Omni Knit Stix

Using Omni Knit Stix to work up a swatch.

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Sometimes it's a bit of a drag to carry around a tape measure when you're working on a small project, but the Omni Knit Stix alleviate that problem by building measurements right into the needles.

These needles, available in aluminum and both uncoated and lightly clear-coated sycamore, have markings down to an eighth of an inch, so you can use one needle to measure length while the needle the project is on measures width.

About the Needles

The Omni Knit Stix needles are available in sizes US 5 through 9 in 14-inch aluminum needles (each size is a different color) and in 10-inch wooden versions, coated or not, sizes 10 to 15.

The measurements are laser imprinted onto the needles, meaning they shouldn't wear off or cause your knitting to snag. They have a lifetime warranty against damage to the imprinting or splintering and splitting in the wood.

At the time of this writing the needles ran form about $9 to about $17, depending on the size.


My first impression when picking up these needles (I tried out a size 8 aluminum pair) was that they felt lighter than I imagined they ought to. Indeed it was my imagination, because when I got out my scale I found they weighed 39 grams compared to 32 grams for a comparable (though actually size 7, not 8) pair of Susan Boye needles.

Still, they don't feel heavy in the hands, though the length may be a little much for some projects (more variety in lengths would be great, and one hopes it will come if sales are good on the more limited sizes).

Knitting with Omni Knit Stix is much like knitting with any other aluminum needle, meaning they're a little loud and can be somewhat cold to the touch.

If you like aluminum needles, there's nothing not to like about these; if you're not a fan the measurements on the needles will probably not be enough to sway you (but try the wooden ones if you knit with bigger needles).

The measurements on the needles do come in handy as you knit. I worked up a couple of swatches with these needles and was happy not to have to go hunting for my tape measure to determine if I'd knit long enough.

Other than the convenience of having the measurements on the needles (which is brilliant and quite convenient for projects smaller than the needles are long), there's not much that distinguishes these from other similar needles.

Still, they're a great choice for a knitter who does enjoy aluminum (or wood, in the larger sizes) needles and would like that convenience or just the novelty of not needing a measuring tape now and then.

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