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Knit Kit Jewelry

Knit Your Own Bling

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Knit Kit Jewelry

The Knit Kit Jewelry's contents include wire, clasps, beads (on some projects) and instructions.

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Joyce Goodman is a fine jewelry artist and knitter who wanted to combine her two passions to produce jewelry projects for knitters that are easy but use great materials to produce lovely results. Her Knit Kit Jewelry kits include the wire, findings, clasps and instructions to produce a knit wire bracelet or necklace -- all you have to provide are the knitting needles and something to cut the wire.

The kits are a little pricey for a first wire knitting project, but for those with a little experience working with wire, the kits provide nice materials and fun designs to try.

About the Kit

Goodman currently has six Knit Kit Jewelry kits available:

  • the Regal Cuff, which is the one I played with, involves silver-plated wire and freshwater pearls in a chunky cuff style
  • the Buckle Bracelet, available in six colors, uses three lengths of wire knit together at once to make a dense fabric that's easy to sculpt
  • the Runched Cuff, in five colors, is for experienced knitters and also uses three strands of wire worked together
  • the Ethereal Necklet choker is an easy-to-knit rectangle available in three colors
  • the Starlit Collar, with four color options, includes coordinating beads to work into the curved design
  • the Scalloped Necklace, for experienced knitters, is offered in four colors and uses an integrated I-cord to lend stability to the project

The kits run from $60 to $75, which seems like a lot until you realize that you're getting more supplies than you really need to complete a project, and the materials are high quality. You can use the extra wire to practice your technique before you start working on a project, or buy another clasp and make another project to give as a gift or for yourself.

The instructions are straightforward and include some tips for knitting with wire for those who might not have tried it before (the advice to work with wooden or bamboo needles is critical to success, by the way, if you ask me).

Bottom Line

Joyce Goodman's Knit Kit Jewelry kits are a great way to delve into knitting with wire and to produce a lovely project with nice materials. It would be a great gift for a knitter, and the recipient might even reward you with a piece made from the leftovers!

The kits offer a bit of everyday luxury and sparkle that you can enjoy knitting and wearing every day or on special occasions.

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