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Jordana Paige Crafter's Tool Butler

All Your Tools in One Place


Jordana Paige Crafter's Tool Butler

Jordana Paige Crafter's Tool Butler opened up to show the pockets.

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Jordana Paige is herself a knitter and crafter, and she designs and sells bags for crafters that keep good organization and a crafter's needs in mind. One of her early bags was the first real knitting bag I ever owned and I still use it, mostly to keep projects I'm working on in the house away from my cats!

Her Crafter's Tool Butler is a big -- really big! -- zippered case with plenty of pockets for knitters to store needles, crocheters to store hooks, cross stitchers to store floss or other crafty folk to store other small stuff they might want to take on the go or just contain stylishly.

About the Product

  • Vegan leather case available in four colors
  • Includes two zippered compartments for various tools
  • The front compartment has six flat pockets for double-pointed needles, needle gauge, scissors, crochet hooks and other tools
  • A zippered mesh pocket can hold stitch markers, yarn needles and other small tools
  • A laminated pocket holds a business-card sized card on which you can log the needles that are in the case; the chart has places for standard-length and short DPNs and circulars in a range of lengths and includes needle sizes from 1 to 50 (US sizes only)
  • The other side has four zippered mesh pockets with slots for labels
  • This side accordion folds, so you could also store items between the pockets if you wanted to
  • The Crafter's Tool Butler measures 10.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and about 2 inches tall, unpacked


Choosing how to store and organize your tools is a personal matter. Some knitters choose to keep their double-pointed needles in needle rolls, some hang their circulars on the wall. Others use boxes, bins or drawers to store their needles, in varying states of organization.

The Crafter's Tool Butler is a great way to store at least some of your collection in a relatively compact way -- though the case is pretty big it is designed to fit in most of Paige's bags. The first thing I thought when I saw this product was "woah, that's big." And then I thought, "it's too small for me!"

That's because I for one have way more needles and supplies than would fit even in this roomy case, but it could be a nice place to put a collection of my most-used supplies or things that I wanted to be able to carry around. I could even keep this case stocked with needles and notions and keep it downstairs so I wouldn't have to run upstairs every time I needed a crochet hook (and I could keep it stored away from the toddler in the house).

It would also be nice to have more pockets for the DPNs; Paige suggests slipping needles in from largest to smallest (the pockets get progressively smaller) and then noting what needles are in there on the inventory. It would still involve a bit of hunting to find the right needles if you're not careful about how you store them, but it is manageable.

I can see how this case would be useful to crafters who aren't knitters, too. Instead of needles or hooks you could store embroidery floss, containers of beads or wire and beading tools, scraps of paper, ribbon and other doodads for cardmaking or scrapbooking, and so on.

Bottom Line

For a knitter who doesn't have a huge supply of needles, or who doesn't care about keeping all their needles in the same place, Jordana Paige's Crafter's Tool Butler is a great way to get organized and store your necessities in animal-friendly style.

I think that this bag is probably too big for most people to want to carry around (and if you don't have a Jordana Paige bag, it might not fit in your knitting bag anyway) but most of the time we don't need all of our needles and notions when we're going to knit night anyway. It would easily slip into a drawer, or you could even keep it on the shelf with your knitting books so that it's easily accessible whenever you need it.

This bag would be a good choice for knitters who need some stylish help to get more organized and finally inventory their needles. Crafters of other persuasions could also use this tool butler to keep some of their smaller tools and necessities all in one place.

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