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Brioche Stitch


Brioche Stitch

Brioche Stitch worked over 30 stitches (20 cast on).

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Works on an even number of stitches.

Row 1: *Yarn over, slip 1, knit 1. Repeat from * across.

Row 2: *Yarn over, slip 1, knit 2 together. Repeat from * across.

Repeat only row 2 for pattern. Note that with the preparation row you'll be working on more stitches than you cast on, so plan for that when determining gauge.

When ending a project or area of ribbing that includes Brioche Stitch at the hem or cuff of a garment, work the row by eliminating the yarn overs and simply purling 1 and knitting 2 together across. After that row you can bind off in a regular knit 1, purl 1 ribbing pattern. Make sure you bind off loosely, as this fabric is very stretchy.

Note: slip stitches as if to purl with yarn in back.

Also Known As: Brioche Rib.
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