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Yarn Spinning Resources

Learn to Spin Your Own Yarn


Homespun Yarn

My first attempt at homespun yarn.

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There are many different resources out there to help knitters and others learn how to spin yarn. It can be difficult to know exactly where and how to get started. Here are some resources you'll want to check out to make the most of your spinning journey.

Learn to Spin Yarn

Before you get started spinning, some basic spinning vocabulary will be helpful to understand some of the terms that mean something different to spinners than they do to knitters.

One of the best online resources out there for learning about spinning is The Joy of Handspinning. While this site sells books and supplies for spinners, it's also a great place to find spinning basics, such as how to make a drop spindle, choose and prepare fibers for spinning and how to spin with a spindle or a wheel. Photographs and Your Tube videos combine to make for a good learning experience for new spinners.

Knitter's Review has some great tutorials on spinning with a drop spindle and a spinning wheel from Maggie Casey, reprinted from Spin-Off magazine (see below).

All Fiber Arts has a great collection of links and resources for a wide array of spinning techniques, from traditional charkha spinning to information about the characteristics of different fibers, patterns, instructions and much more.

Specialty Spinning

Spinning Publications:

Spin-Off from Interweave Press is the magazine for spinners of all skill levels. It includes information on how to spin, projects to use your homespun yarn, techniques to make you a better spinner and more. The online community features blogs and message boards, as well as free resources to check out.

Check out my reviews of spinning books and DVDs for more information on how to learn to spin with a spindle or wheel.

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