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Knitting for Little Feet

Foot Warmers for Little Ones

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Knitting for Little Feet

Knitting for Little Feet.

Trafalgar Square Books.

One of the easiest, quickest things you can knit for a new little person (or even a toddler) is a pair of sock, booties or slippers. These little projects can be quite detailed and involved, but they certainly don't have to be, and kids and parents alike will appreciate having something warm, soft and cute to put on baby's feet.

Knitting for Little Feet: 40 Booties, Socks, and Slippers for Babies and Kids has patterns on both the easy and intricate ends of the scale, allowing you to decide how fancy you want to get (and how much time you have to knit up that little gift).

About the Book

  • Pages: 128
  • Format: hardcover
  • Number of patterns: title says 40 but I counted 43
  • Skill level: 14 patterns are rated easy, 18 for intermediate knitters and 11 require more advanced skills
  • Sizing: patterns range from newborn up to age 2 or 3; all patterns have only one size
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting lessons: a "basic instructions" section covers cast ons, heel and toe shaping, grafting and the basics of crochet needed to complete these patterns
  • Publication date: August 2011

The Patterns

At first glance it seems like the patterns in Knitting Socks for Little Feet are going to be arranged by size, but they aren't. Actually there's a chapter on booties, one on socks and one on slippers and house socks (which are embellished in such a way that you could never wear them with shoes).

All of the patterns are one size only, so really it would have made good sense to arrange them by size so you could easily find the patterns of the size you needed without having to flip through the whole book to find, say, the handful of patterns for one-year-olds.

As in most knitting books, especially those that have a lot of patterns, there are some projects here that are really cute and some that just don't suit my taste (probably there are different ones that won't suit your taste). In addition, some of the photos -- most of the socks are shown on feet -- make it difficult to see the details of the sock. It might have been nice to have a small picture of a sock off the foot that allowed knitters to see more of the details as well as the cute baby pictures.

In the category of patterns I liked, the basic bootie Scrumptious, worked with a welted cuff and a ribbed foot, would suit any little one and knit up super fast. The Rainbow Bright booties are another basic shoe with the nice addition of twisted cord to help keep them on the feet. Little Flower Garden is a mostly Stockinette bootie embellished with embroidered daisies.

The sock category offers lots of basic stripes and simple textured patterns, including Ship Ahoy, pictured on the cover and Colorful Stripes, another two-color striped sock. The Winter King is a snowflake and triangle Fair Isle pattern for kids 18-24 months (though the model looks much bigger)and Raspberries and Whipped Cream brings a lot of texture and color with a Paving Stones stitch.

All My clothes are Green (I have no idea where they get these names) is a cute three-color slipper, and for Ballerinas is a cute slip-on shoe (which claims to be for 0-3 months but the child modeling them again is much older). There are socks with snakes slithering on them, ones that look like ducks and ones with dinosaur spikes down the front.

Bottom Line

Knitting for Little Feet offers some cute ideas for keeping kids' feet warm, but I would probably use this book as a jumping off point for custom designs based on the patterns, since the sizing is so limited. There's a guide in the back that suggests how many stitches to case on for socks of various sizes, but it doesn't say what gauge is being used and the only measurements given are length from mid-heel to tip of toe and total length in inches, so it isn't incredibly helpful.

There are some cute patterns here and I think the book would work to spark the imagination of a knitter who might want a similar sock in a different size (and of course you could get lucky and find just the sock you want in the right size for the foot you need to fit, too). Unless you knit for a lot of babies of different sizes or don't mind doing the resizing for yourself should you need to, I'm not sure this is the best pick for knitting for little ones.

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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