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Free Scarf Knitting Patterns


This collection of images represents all of the original free knitting patterns for scarves available on this site. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture of the project and a link to the full instructions.
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A garter stitch scarf.Garter Stitch Scarf Fun Fur Stockinette Stitch ScarfStockinette Stitch Fun Fur ScarfBasketweave Scarf.Basketweave Scarf Red Woven Scarf.4X4 Red Woven Scarf
St. Patrick's Day Necklace/ScarfSt. Patrick's Day "Necklace"Farrow rib scarfFarrow Rib ScarfFizzy, Fuzzy Ribbed Scarf PatternFizzy, Fuzzy ScarfFelted House ScarfFelted House Scarf
Slanted ScarfSlant ScarfRuffles ScarfRuffles ScarfPocket ScarfPocket ScarfBox Stitch ScarfBox Stitch Scarf
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