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Sampler Afghan Blocks

Free knitting patterns for afghan blocks using different knitting stitches that can be combined to make a sampler afghan or baby blanket

Sampler Baby Blanket
This baby blanket pattern involves nine blocks using different stitch patterns, making an interesting sampler for your favorite little one.

Knitting Alphabet
Adding letters to knitting is a great way to make a personal statement on a blanket, sweater, bag, or anywhere else. These knit alphabet blocks, saved in .jpg format for easy viewing and printing on your computer, are designed to be worked in Reverse Stockinette Stitch on a field of Stockinette.

Garter Stitch Square
This 12 by 12 Garter Stitch square is the perfect foundation for a sampler afghan. Or, if you're new to knitting, make a bunch of squares in different colors and you'll have an easy cute blanket in no time.

Ripple Stitch Block
Ripple Stitch is a lot of fun to knit and to touch as part of a knitting project. Add a bit of fun to your knit sampler afghan with the Ripple Stitch block.

Moss Stitch Sqaure
Moss Stitch is one of the easiest textured pattern knitting stitches out there, and it's a great compliment to the look of Seed Stitch in a knitting sampler afghan or blanket.

Diamond Brocade Square
Diamond Brocade stitch looks a lot fancier than your basic Stockinette, but it's not really that complicated to make these cool knit diamonds, and they're a great addition to any sampler afghan.

Basketweave Afghan Square
Basketweave is a really easy and fun knitting stitch pattern that adds a lot of texture and interest to any knitting project. Knitting this block goes pretty quick, and a whole blanket could be made just from basketweave by changing colors and stitching them together in different orientations.

Stockinette Monogram Square
Adding a block to an afghan that includes the recipient's initial shows them that this blanket was made just for them and turns a utilitarian gift into an heirloom. This simple block pattern in a Stockinette Stitch base with a Reverse Stockinette Stitch letter stitched in as you go.

Broken Rib Afghan Square
Broken rib is a nice stitch pattern that is not any more difficult than a regular rib but has a much more interesting look and texture. It's a good simple addition to a sampler afghan and will knit up in a flash.

Crossed Stockinette Afghan Block
Crossed Stockinette Stitch is a slightly more interesting stitch pattern than regular Stockinette, and it gives the finished knitting a very interesting look. It's a great choice for a sampler afghan as a contrast to the regular Stockinette in the alphabet block.

Seed Stitch Square
Seed Stitch is a great easy textured pattern to add to a sampler afghan or use in other projects. This pattern is quite easy to remember and you'll have a block turned out in no time.

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