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Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps

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Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps

Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps.

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When I worked in offices I was always cold; I'm still cold a lot of days even though I control the thermostat where I work now. So I'm a sucker for a good wrap, and the editors of Vogue Knitting have collected a bunch (43, to be precise) of patterns from the magazine's pages into the gorgeous book Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps.

Here you'll find designs from plenty of knitters you've heard of -- Kaffe Fassett, Norah Gaughan, Lily Chin, Teva Durham, Deborah Newton, Mari Lynn Patrick, to name a few -- and other less well known designers who still bring beautiful knit wraps to the party.

The Patterns

As mentioned above, Vogue Knitting Wraps and Shawls has more than 40 designs for knit wrappers, from wispy lacy numbers to huge, chunky projects. They come in all shapes and sizes, too, from diminutive rectangles to squares, triangles, L-shapes and more.

Three projects are rated for beginning knitters, while11 are easy, 18 are for intermediate knitters and 11 are rated for advanced knitters. As these are all wrap and shawl projects, they are one size fits all.

There should be something here to fit the style of just about anyone, except the person who'd never wear a shawl, I guess, though even some of them might be convinced by some of the projects here.

It's tough to limit myself to just a few patterns worthy of mention, but some of the loveliest include Annie Modesitt's Square and Stripes Lace Shawl, a big square of lace set off with dropped stitches; the delicate Trellis Lace Shawl by Margaret Stove; the dramatic Beaded Floral Shawl by Karen Joan Raz, which is adorned with more than 500 glass beads; the colorful Striped Wrap by Brandon Malby, a simple project for using up leftovers; Rebecca Rosen's Wave Pattern WRap, worked in a variety of yarns with dropped stitches to open up the pattern; Deborah Newton's lovely Wavy Lace Wrap with geometric borders; and the light-as-air mohair Cabled Rib Shawl by Lily Chin, worked in a cool reversible cable.

Where the yarns originally used in the magazine are no longer available, substitution suggestions are made, which is always helpful.

Bottom Line

If you're a fan of knit shawls and wraps, especially if you're a fan of Vogue Knitting, you're sure to enjoy Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps. Of course if you're a really big fan of the magazine you'll have seen all these patterns before, but if you really like to knit wraps you'll want to have the patterns all in one place.

This beautiful book is a great way to see all the different ways that wraps and shawls can be put together, the different shapes, construction methods, materials and stitch patterns that can be used and the different effects those design choices achieve. It's a great way for knitters who like to go their own way to get inspiration for their own shawl and wrap designs, while other knitters will be perfectly happy with the wealth of choices presented within the pages.

Publication date: November 2009

Publisher' website

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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