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Special Little Knits from Just One Skein

Little (and Not So Little) Knits

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Special Little Knits from Just One Skein

Special Little Knits from Just One Skein by Cheryl Potter.

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With a title like Special Little Knits from Just One Skein, you'd expect the projects in Cheryl Potter's book featuring her Cherry Tree Hill Yarns to be, well, little.

But it seems there are just as many large projects as there are smaller ones, including one called the Never Ending Shawl, made from a never-ending skein of yarn that clocks in at a whopping 1,440 yards and another shawl made with an unbelievable skein of 2,400 yards. Knitting a one-skein project with a skein that big just doesn't seem like much of a challenge.


These 27 projects feature a variety of Cherry Tree Hill yarns, showing off the variety of textures, colors and materials used in this lovely line. There are socks, scarves, capelets, wraps, shawls and bags, as well as a swimsuit cover-up, a halter top and a baby hat and booties.

Some of these projects are smaller than the monsters mentioned above, and most are suited to beginners with some experience or more intermediate knitters.

Projects are arranged by the weight of yarn they use, so if you wanted to substitute with something you had on hand you could do so (though it might take much more than one skein to finish some of these projects with other yarns).

Most of these beautiful projects involve either lace, a sparkly yarn, beads, dropped stitches, tassels or a fun shape that takes even the simplest patterns beyond the basics.

Because many of these projects aren't for a specific size, they would make good gifts, often without a big investment in time or yarn.

Averting Disaster

A great addition to this book that sets it apart form other one-skein knitting books is a page about how to plan knitting projects so that you won't run out of yarn.

Advice like dividing your ball of sock yarn in half or knitting a shawl from the top down make a lot of sense and will help people who use the book as a jumping-off point for their own one skein designs (or who choose to make projects out of the book using different yarns).

While this isn't my favorite book in the one-skein genre (that would be One Skein, this book is a good addition to your library, especially if you like Cherry Tree Hill yarns.

One-skein knitting is a fun challenge, and this book makes it even more interesting (and, dare I say, special).

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