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One Skein

Little Projects Everywhere

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One Skein

One Skein by Leigh Radford.

Interweave Press

One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet is a delightful book full of lovely projects, including things for babies, fun gift projects, a bevy of accessories and more.

This book is sure to encourage knitters to pare down their stashes, one ball at a time, or at least give them permission to buy "just one more ball!" without too much guilt.

Picture Perfect

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about this book is the huge number of pictures illustrating the projects. Almost every project has at least two pictures, while many have three.

This amount of photography allows you to really see the projects and imagine them in your life. It's like looking through a catalog and happily pondering the possibilities before deciding which one you want to take home and then heading to your stash or the yarn store to make that pattern your own.

The Patterns

The vast majority of these patterns are for knitters, though there are some crochet designs as well. As the title states, all of these projects can be made using just one skein of the chosen yarn, sometimes much less.

The projects are also designed to be easy to follow and quick to knit, while also using interesting designs and pattern stitches. The book assumes you have a good grasp of the basics, but some instructions are explained further in the back of the book. From legwarmers and tank tops to socks and baby sweaters, there's not a boring pattern in this book.

These projects introduce knitters to a variety of yarns and techniques. There are cables, dropped-stitch patterns, lacy accents and felted projects, made from wool, cotton, mohair, silk and other fibers.

There's a giant stash-busting spiral floor rug, a wild scarf made of pom-poms and luscious knitted cupcakes.


Yes, cupcakes. I personally never would have thought to knit a cupcake, but they are actually delightful. Inspired by knitted cupcakes on the cover of an Anthropologie catalog, these are knitted with some kind of smooth yarn, usually wool or cotton, as the base, and a bulky novelty yarn as the icing.

They are further embellished with buttons and do-dads to make them even sweeter. What's more, they'll eliminate some of your stash, add a cute touch to your kitchen and they're completely fat free.

This project perfectly illustrates the whimsy of One Skien. These projects are fun, fabulous and absolutely do-able. Many of them would make wonderful gifts for anyone on your list, or as a special treat for yourself.

If nothing else, this book will get you thinking about your stash in a whole new way. You might actually want to start using some of that yarn you've been hoarding!

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