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Leisure Arts' iKnit Accessories

Little Darlings

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Leisure Arts' iKnit

iKnit Gotta Get Knit Accessories by Leisure Arts.

Leisure Arts

The Leisure Arts i-Createit series began in 2006 with a title devoted to crocheting on the edge. A second crochet title followed, focusing on hats, scarves and purses.

Now the knitters are getting their day in the sun with a booklet offering a dozen patterns for knitted accessories.

These project books are a cross between a magazine (they have ads and mentions of other Leisure Arts products) and a book (offering stylish and fun, but timeless patterns).

The price of $10.95 might seem a little steep when you think of it as a magazine, but the patterns are high-quality and odds are you'll want to make several.


A dozen patterns for unique accessories are included in this booklet. There are scarves, belts, headbands and bags, as well as a pillow and a felted needle roll.

Another project is a convertible skirt, top or wrap fringed with mohair and ribbon novelty yarns.

Most of the projects are ranked for intermediate knitters, but there are also some patterns for beginners. Projects include embellishments like cables, bobbles, pom-poms, slipped stitches and beads. These small projects are great additions to any young woman's wardrobe, but many pieces would be great for older women as well.

The yarns used in the projects aren't listed with the projects, but are mentioned on a page in the back of the booklet. This allows new knitters and those who aren't comfortable substituting yarns to make a project that looks like the one in the guide while giving those who are more comfortable picking their own yarn to choose any super-bulky variegated yarn they like, for example.

About the Series

The i-Createit series is just getting started. Books on quilting, embellishing and crocheted hats, bags and sweaters round out the series' offerings for 2007.

The series is hosted by Irene, a smart, sassy character who also writes about crafts at the company's iCreateit website.

These booklets are cute additions to your crafting library and will give you a few ideas for projects you'll enjoy making and using.

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