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Knit Style

Fun Knits, Full of Style

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Knit Style by Barbara W. Larson

Knit Style by Barbara W. Larson.

Creative Homeowner

If you're looking for a knitting book that can give you the basics of knitting as well as a collection of patterns that are fun, stylish and teach you all sorts of techniques, check out Knit Style by Barbara W. Larson.

Stylish Collection

Knit Style features 25 patterns, mostly for accessories, such as scarves, wraps, cuffs, sweaters, belts, bags and fingerless gloves. Some of the patterns include variations such as using a scarf as a belt, changing yarn weights and colors, and using different materials to close or tie a garment.

These designs are trendy in a good way. They're fun and different from what you normally see in most knitting books. Many of these accessories are quite simple to knit, and all of the techniques that are needed to complete them are well illustrated in the back of the book.

A beginner could easily buy this book, learn all the basics and start making some of the projects in the book very quickly.

Nuts and Bolts

Perhaps the best part of this book is the back part, which explains in great detail all of the techniques needed to complete the projects, from casting on to picking up stitches, increasing, decreasing, making cables, finishing and much more.

This section is full of large pictures that will help even the most inexperienced knitters to make these projects with ease.

The book's design makes it even easier to use. It is spiral bound and the cover allows you to stand the book up on a table, making it easier to read and use.

Finally, a stitch directory in the back of the book shows you how to make all the different pattern stitches used in the patterns of the book. This is handy because it shows you how the pattern stitches work. If you ever want to design your own projects, these pattern stitches can give you inspiration.

This books is a lot of fun and provides beginning knitters with some fun projects to try. It might not be that much fun for more advanced knitters, since the patterns are pretty basic, but for those who don't have a lot of knitting experience but want to be able to make up-to-the-minute designs, this book is great.

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