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Knit Grrl and Knit Grrl 2

Knitting for Cool Grrls

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Knit Grrl

Knit Grrl by Shannon Okey

Watson-Guptill Publications

The number of knitting books for young women has really taken off in the last few years. That's a wonderful thing, because these knitting books provide a good grounding in basic skills while teaching teens and young adults how to knit projects they would actually like to use or give as gifts.

Knit Grrl and the follow-up, Knit Grrl 2 are two great books for the funky girl in your life who'd like to learn to knit.

Teaching for Teens

These books are decidedly geared toward teens and tweens who want to learn how to knit. They are illustrated with fun cartoons, include features such as the quizzes "what kind of yarn girl are you?" and "what's your color?" and are filled with projects that would look right at home in the halls of a high school.

That's not to say there's nothing here for older knitters to love, for themselves or to make as a gift for their younger friends and family members. There are fun headbands, scarves, bags and hats that would be great for knitters of any age, and the detailed instructions with lots of color pictures would help anyone learn to knit or refresh their skills.

Throughout both books the basic skills are laid out in the beginning and more advanced skills such as knitting with circular needles, changing color, increasing and decreasing are introduced gradually as the patterns call for them. Working through either one of these books would provide a solid knitting education and a boatload of fun and useful projects.

Patterns - Knit Grrl

The original Knit Grrl features 15 patterns ranging from wristwarmers to a lacy felted scarf. Other projects include a messenger bag, knitted cat toys, legwarmers and a hat you can wear with a ponytail.

The patterns increase in difficulty as you go along, from flat knitting to working with color, increasing and decreasing, knitting in the round and making cables.

Patterns can be gussied up with embroidery, I-cord and other embellishments explained at the back of the book. Each time a new skill is needed, it is explained with lots of color pictures and text, so you'll be able to pick up the new skills quickly.

These patterns are all fun and relatively easy for beginners. Because they build on each other, this book could be a pretty full tutorial on basic knitting skills.

Patterns - Knit Grrl 2

The second book is much like the first in design and organization. The first part of the book runs through basic knitting skills, adding information on choosing colors, using a different yarn than the one specified in the pattern, and fixing common knitting mistakes.

The 16 patterns in this book again start out pretty basic, with eyelash yarn embellishments for your flip flops. Other patterns include a bookcover, a pencil purse, a soda cozy and a striped cardigan.

A cool feature in this book is a section on beading and knitting, which outlines the basics of knitting with beads and provides instructions for a beaded necklace and bracelets.

A handy section on caring for knits and places to go for more information on knitting makes this a resource young knitters will use for years to come.

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