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It Itches

Knitting Cartoons. What More Could You Want?

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It Itches

It Itches by Franklin Habit.

Interweave Press.

Franklin Habit is a devoted knitter, blogger, illustrator and photographer who shares stories of his knitting exploits and his fluffy friend Dolores.

His first book, It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons is a charming and heartwarming look at his world, and though Dolores doesn't put in an appearance this is one book that's sure to delight all knitters.

Humor and Heart

Most of the book is taken up by 75 knitting themed cartoons. The cartoons have a "New Yorker" style to them and cover everything from the excessive urge to knit a cozy for everything in the house to how yarn can come between friends.

There are cartoons about cats, dogs, birds, male knitters, the never-ending acrylic vs. natural fiber fight, and the ever-growing stash. One woman wants the car stopped even as Godzilla comes up from behind because there's a yarn sale, while another picks up a couple of furry friends at the local fiber festival.

Interspersed between the cartoons are 10 essays, mostly humorous knitting related fiction, such as the secret knitting diaries of the famous (who knew Edison was inspired by knitting to invent the lightbulb?), a tale of horror about an out-of-control stash, and the play-by-play of a man giving into his fiber urges at a sheep and wool festival.

For the Love of Knitting

But there are also more serious essays about this craft of ours, such as one explaining why he's happy to be known as a crafter:

"Craft" is too ancient, beautiful and noble a word to leave to the hacks at the less-inspired housekeeping magazines. My knitting is my craft; therefore, I am a craftsman. It's a badge I wear with pride. I made it myself.

Another essay covers how we use knitting to attain immortality, while another shares the value of items knit for us by others.

All in all, this lovely little book is a fun read that will have you laughing often and nodding in agreement with Habit's observations. It's the perfect gift for any knitter on your list.

Publication date: October 2008.

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 5 out of 5
It Itches, Member AndieKH

I checked this little book out from the library and it's a gem. The humor is contageous.

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