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Debbie Bliss Essential Baby

Classic Baby Knits

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Debbie Bliss Essential Baby

Debbie Bliss Essential Baby.

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Debbie Bliss Essential Baby: Over 20 Handknits to Take Your Baby from First Days to First Steps is a gorgeous book full of lovely patterns for baby boys and girls.

These patterns are basic in the sense that they use relatively simple stitch patterns like Garter, Stockinette and Seed Stitch and use classic shapes like basic pants, sweaters and shawls.

Easy and Stylish

But no knitter, no matter how experienced, should find these patterns at all boring. The simple shapes and pattern stitches will make these patterns quick to knit for knitters with a good deal of experience.

All of the patterns of course call for Debbie Bliss yarn, but different yarns could easily be substituted. These yarns are relatively easy to find and machine washable, which makes them a good choice for baby clothing.

Some of the patterns are quite utilitarian and will get used and tossed or donated once baby grows out of them, but others are sure to become heirlooms that are treasured and perhaps even used throughout the child's life.

The Patterns

The book includes 22 patterns for sweaters, pants, rompers, a snuggly hooded baby carrying bag, a heart mobile, a knit toy lamb and a cute dress.

A changing mat bag lets you stylishly carry around a place to change your little one, and a simple stroller blanket is a great gift for any child. The bathrobe pictured on the cover is completely adorable and could be knit for a boy or a girl.

A baby beanbag makes a great place for baby to rest or play, and a stockinette stitch house pattern makes for a cute wall hanging for baby's room.

The most elaborate pattern in the bunch is a lacy shawl that is great for a newborn to snuggle in or for mom to use as a nursing shawl (and later as a regular shawl).

The patterns are supplemented with an extensive section on knitting basics, which includes all the skills needed to make the patterns, as well as information on garment care and the specific yarns called for in the book.

This book is a great choice for people who do a lot of knitting for babies, or for an expectant mom who wants to knit a lot of little beauties for her new little beauty.

Publication Date: September 2007.

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