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Easy Knits for Little Kids

Cool Knits for Kids

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Easy Knits for Little Kids by Catherine Tough

Easy Knits for Little Kids by Catherine Tough.

C&T Publishing, Inc.

If you've ever struggled with finding patterns for toddlers and children that your favorite little ones will actually wear and use, Easy Knits for Little Kids by Catherine Tough is for you.

The book offers 25 patterns for clothing and home items, with most of the clothing fitting children ages 3 to 6. These projects are cute, fun and comfortable and should become quick favorites for you and your kids.


This book doesn't mess around with lengthy introductions or even a lot of knitting instruction (though there are a couple of pages in the back that explain special techniques, such as making a buttonhole and understanding gauge).

The book includes 25 patterns for boys and girls, including several scarves, a couple of sweaters, bags, hats, wristwarmers, mittens and a darling dress and wrap skirt for a little girl.

The patterns are universally cute (as are the two models in the book) and easy-to-follow.

Comforts at Home

Where this book really shines, though, is in the section on home comforts, which is an area often overlooked in children's knitting books.

These patterns include another sweater and scarf, as well as his and her socks, but there are also projects for such things as a knitted mat for napping, sleepovers or yoga; a patchwork throw; a knit pillow cover; a chair pad and felted pots for pens or toys. A cute doll named Fred comes with his own sweater, pants and scarf.

There are also animal slippers (tigers and mice), a striped robe for bedtime and herb-filled pillows to help child (or mother) relax.

These lovely patterns bring some interesting new ideas to the world of knitting for kids, and give ideas to people who want to knit for kids they don't know the exact size of.

The only potential drawback of this book is that, though it claims to be for people who "like beautiful designs, but are a little lacking in handknitting skills or perhaps, more accurately, the time to practice," this book offers very little in terms of knitting instruction. For those who have some experience with the basics, however, this book offers solid patterns your favorite kids will enjoy as much as you enjoy knitting them.

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