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Deborah Newton's Cable Collection

Classy Cables

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Deborah Newton's Cable Collection

Deborah Newton's Cable Collection.

Leisure Arts.

Deborah Newton is probably best known as the author of the wonderful reference book Designing Knitwear, and she's brought her impeccable designer's eye to a collection of patterns incorporating cables called Deborah Newton's Cable Collection: 19 Captivating Designs.

In it you'll see cables used classically and in some different ways, and you'll also learn about how to use cables effectively and change up the designs or yarn choices to make the projects your own.

The Patterns

As with many Leisure Arts books, this one dives right in to the patterns, all but one of which are rated as being for intermediate knitters (one is called easy). I might have called some of these projects more advanced, but if you have some cabling skill and are comfortable with reading patterns and working multiple stitch patterns in a garment, you should be fine.

The book is mostly sweaters, jackets and tops, with a set of cabled and striped sweaters for him, her and the kids being the only projects that aren't for women. There is one bag project, a roomy satchel with a wide cable featured.

Most of the patterns offer four size, though a few have only three. The projects are generally pretty roomy and not very close-fitting, so they should work for a range of women.

A few of my favorite patterns from the book include Creative Cables, a chunky jacket with large cables and a bold colorwork panel that wraps around the back and sides of the garment; Captivating Cables, a natural-looking cardigan with an allover woven-look cable and two-color Garter Stitch edgings; Carefree Cables, an easy Garter Stitch design with cables on part of the top and running down the sleeves -- which also features some interesting elongated stitches worked with a larger needle; and Cosmopolitan Cables, a bulky textured pullover featuring a cable that splits into a V at the neckline, lots of ribbing, Double Moss Stitch and a huge Seed Stitch collar.

Bottom Line

Lovers of sweaters (and cables) will want to live in some of the offerings in Deborah Newton's Cable Collection. Knitters with some grounding in the basics of cables and garment design will love stretching their skills on these projects, and those who are already comfortable with such projects will also have fun with the multitude of textures in these designs.

Publication date: September 2009.

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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