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Vogue Knitting Bags Two

Portable Purse Patterns

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Vogue Knitting Bags Two on the Go

Vogue Knitting Bags Two on the Go.

Sixth & Spring Books.

Vogue Knitting's On the Go series includes more than 30 books as of this writing, perfect for knitters and crocheters who want to craft outside the home without lugging around a big, bulky book of knitting instructions.

Bags Two offers traveling knitters 25 ideas for bags, from clutches to electronics cozies, a bag for your water bottle to backpacks and felted totes.

There's something harmonious about the idea that you can knit a bag while on the go that you might one day use to hold your knitting project while you're out and about, though certainly not all of these patterns are appropriated for toting yarn and needles.

The Patterns

The book begins with a brief overview of the basics of knitting bags, skills that might be needed and knitting terms standard in the books of this series.

Following are 25 knitting patterns, ranging from messenger bags to lacy purses, felted totes to freeform projects.

These patterns are for an array of tastes and skill levels, with one pattern rated for beginners (a child's backpack), four called easy, 13 for intermediate knitters and six for those with more experience.

The patterns also use a range of different skills, from intarsia to lace, cables to textured stitches. Interesting textures are a popular choice for embellishing many of the bags in Bags Two, so that once you get the hang of the pattern the projects are pretty smooth sailing because most of the shapes are pretty basic.

Some of the standout patterns include the cute Buckle Bag, a clutch featuring a diagonal stranded pattern and cabled straps; the cute Bobble Bag, also featured on the cover of the book; the interesting Woven Messenger bag, which uses a I-cord design to decorate the front of the bag; the Optical Illusion Backpack, with a complex-looking Fair Isle design worked in the round; and the Navajo Felted Bag with a classic Southwest motif dominating the otherwise simple design.

Bottom Line

Vogue Knitting's Bags Two offers knitters who are big fans of knit bags a lot of options to knit for themselves or as gifts. The small, portable format is a plus, though it does mean the photos of many of the projects are pretty small, making it hard to see some details.

There's not a lot in this book that really wows me, but that doesn't mean other knitters won't find plenty to love in its pages.

Publication date: April 2007

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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