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Knitting Media Reviews

Whether you're looking for news about the best new knitting books or the low-down on knitting software, you'll find tips on the best knitting products here.
  1. Apparel and Accessory Knitting Books (166)
  2. Best Knitting Books (4)
  3. Holiday Knitting Books (3)
  4. Home Knitting Books (9)
  5. Knitting Around the World (8)
  6. Knitting Fiction (11)
  7. Knitting Memoir (31)
  8. Knitting Reference (127)
  9. Knitting Technique Books (68)
  10. Knitting for Babies and Kids (42)
  11. One Skein and Quick Knitting (22)
  12. Pet Knitting Books (3)
  13. Teen/Tween Knitting Books (3)
  14. Unique Knitting Books (63)

Stitch'n Bitch Superstar Knitting
Debbie Stoller takes knitters beyond the basics in Stitch'n Bitch style with a book all about building skills in colorwork, lace, cables, beaded knitting and more.

Itty-Bitty Toys
Susan B. Anderson loves knitting for little ones, and her book of toys includes some super-cute options for every little kid on your list.

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