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Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Share Your Knitting Favorites


The 2013 Readers' Choice Awards at About.com give our readers a chance to share their opinions and favorite people and products over a wide range of topics. At About.com Knitting, I once again wanted to know your picks in the categories of favorite blog, favorite knitwear designer, favorite book of 2012, favorite yarn company and favorite needle company.

Nominations are closed; it's time to vote! You may vote once daily through March 19. A valid email address or Facebook sign-in is required.

Winners will be announced March 27.

Favorite Knitting-Related Blog

Readers' Choice Logo 2013

Knitters tend to be a social bunch, even if our hangouts now often happen online. Is there a knitting blog (or more than one) that you can't live without and whose author you think of as a friend even though you've never met? Nominate them for consideration in the Favorite Knitting Blog category.

Nominations are closed; vote now!

Favorite Knitwear Designer

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Logo

No matter your knitting style, there's sure to be a designer out there who is making patterns of the sort you want to knit and keep knitting. Is there a designer whose entire catalog of knitting patterns you'd like to knit, or who wrote a book you can't get enough of? Nominate them in the category of Favorite Knitwear Designer.

Nominations are closed; vote now!

Favorite Book of 2012

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Logo

To keep us from thinking about our favorite knitting books of all time (though that would be a great category, too, wouldn't it?) I like to keep the focus for the Favorite Book category only on those books published in the past year. Name your favorites and see if they're chosen as finalists!

Nominations are closed; vote now!

Favorite Yarn Company

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Logo

In years past I have broken down yarn into categories like favorite wool, cotton or sock yarn, but this year I just want to know your favorite all-around yarn company. It can be a big company we've all heard of and seen at the craft store or your favorite indie dyer. (If your choice is that second one, be sure to spread the word so that person's fans can send in lots of nominations!)

Nominations are closed; vote now!

Favorite Knitting Needle Brand

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Logo

Likewise when it comes to knitting needles this year I'm not looking so much for specific models (Knit Picks Harmony, Addi Turbo, etc.) as the brand of needle that you go to the most. I know that's really hard because you might like different needles for different situations, but if you could only choose one needle brand to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Nominations are closed; vote now!

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