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Favorite Knitting Blog: Susan B. Anderson
Susan B. Anderson

Susan B. Anderson.

Susan B. Anderson is the author of four knitting books, with a fifth on the way, and self-publishes knitting patterns. She writes about all that, as well as her family, crafty projects, books she likes and more at her blog, which was named the favorite among readers in 2012.

I spent a little time talking to Anderson about knitting, blogging and those adorable little toys. She said of the blog:

I try to keep things honest and informative but always light, upbeat and fun. My hope is that people feel good and are inspired when they share their time with me on the blog. I feel fortunate that people have responded so positively to my blog and my knitting. Without the interaction of the loyal and fun readers there wouldn’t be a blog.

Anderson was the top pick by a longshot with 52 percent of the vote.

Other Finalists:

  • Ravelry: 28 percent
  • Yarnista: 8 percent
  • Yarn Harlot: 7 percent
  • Knitty: 3 percent

(Note: Because poll results are rounded, the voting percentage may not total 100 percent.)

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