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Favorite Yarn Company Readers' Choice Awards

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The Readers' Choice Awards for 2012 highlight the best in knitting yarn, needles, favorite books, bloggers and websites. Learn more about the finalists in the Favorite Yarn Company Category and vote for your favorite!

You may vote for one selection in each category and may vote once a day between Feb. 22 and March 21. A valid e-mail address or Facebook login is required.

Finalists are listed in alphabetical order; you can vote at the bottom of the page.


Bernat is a yarn company based in Canada that offers a wide range of yarns, including acrylics, cottons, wools and blends made with alpaca, bamboo, corn, mohair, nylon, silk and soy.

The company's yarn is widely available at chain craft stores, and its website offers hundreds of free patterns for knitters and crocheters, as well as information on pattern booklets. Bernat also has a blog that offers knitalongs, highlights free patterns and provides information on knitting techniques.

Free patterns using Bernat yarn:


Berroco is a yarn company known for its wide range of colorful and innovative yarns, including lots of blends and yarns that are made with interesting construction techniques like wrapping different fibers, cabled and ribbon yarns. Many of the company's yarns flirt with the novelty yarn designation, but often add a bit of luxury not found in those fly-by-night novelties we've all seen.

Berroco is known for its great patterns, both offered free on its website and in its pattern collections. Norah Gaughan brings her nature-inspired designs that are often worked in a slightly different way than you would expect, always showing off the yarn to great effect.

The company also has a design studio blog where readers can learn more about the pattern collections, the yarn and more.

Berroco yarn reviews:


Cascade Yarns is undoubtedly best known for its Cascade 220 yarn, a versatile wool yarn that comes in hanks of 220 yards (there's also a superwash version that's ideal for kids' clothes and accessories).

But Cascade produces a wide range of mostly wool and alpaca yarns and blends, with some cotton yarns as well. The company offers a good range of free patterns and a couple of books using the famous 220 yarn have also been published.

Cascade 220 book reviews:

Juniper Moon Farm

Juniper Moon Farm is a small operation with a devoted following that hails from outside Charlottesville, Va. The farm raises registered angora goats, and registered Cormo, Cotswold and Babydoll Southdown sheep and is the originator of the yarn CSA, where interested people buy shares in the farm in return for yarn or fleece at the end of the season.

The company offers a small range of wool-blend yarns in addition to farm shares, and there are a few free patterns on the website. A blog and lamb cam keep fans from around the world in touch with goings on at the farm.

Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn has a vast array of yarns, including basic, workhorse wools, cottons and acrylics, luxury fibers and celebrity-backed yarn lines.

The company is probably best known for Vanna's Choice, a yarn developed in partnership with avid crocheter Vanna White, and the Martha Stewart Crafts collection, launched in 2011, which features eight yarns ranging from roving to a glittery novelty yarn.

Lion Brand also has a huge collection of free patterns searchable by type, yarn weight, size and skill level.

Lion Brand Yarn reviews:

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