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Favorite Needle Brand Readers' Choice Awards

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The Readers' Choice Awards for 2012 highlight the best in knitting yarn, needles, favorite books, bloggers and websites. Learn more about the finalists in the Favorite Needle Brand Category and vote for your favorite!

You may vote for one selection in each category and may vote once a day between Feb. 22 and March 21. A valid e-mail address or Facebook login is required.

Finalists are listed in alphabetical order; you can vote at the bottom of the page. Votes for different lines of needles from the same company have been combined.


Whether it's Turbo, Lace or the company's Click interchangeable needles, most knitters who use Addis soon find them among their favorites.

Addi needles are known for smooth joins, soft cords and light needles designed for speed and to reduce strain on the knitter.


Clover is well known as a producer of a wide variety of tools and accessories for yarn crafters, from pom-pom makers to tools for needle felting, flower and lace making and more.

The company's Takumi bamboo needles are lightweight but strong (though I will admit that I managed to break a set once!), widely available, affordable and good quality for a range of purposes.


Denise Interchangeable Needles are a long-time knitters' favorite, providing a good selection of needles and range of cable lengths in a small, portable case.

The standard set has needles sized 5 to 15 US and a variety of cables that can be combined and used to make circular or straight needles. They are airplane safe, lightweight and have nice, sturdy joins that are relatively easy to connect and disconnect.

Knit Picks

The Knit Picks needles are the ones it feels the most unfair to group into one selection because the different kinds of needles they sell are so different. From the classic metal Options to the wooden Harmony, there's something here for just about every knitter to love.

I personally was not a huge fan of the acrylic Zephyr needles, mostly because I broke one, but these needles have their fans, too. Though the company is best known for its interchangeable sets, Knit Picks also sells fixed circulars, double-pointed needles and straights.

Signature Needle Arts

Signature Needle Arts produces lovely single-point, double-point and circular knitting needles in a variety of needle points, including the famous stiletto point, perfect for knitting lace or using with fuzzy yarns.

Signature needles are high-performance, highly customizable (you choose needle size, length, point and end cap) and also more expensive than most needles out there, but as the company says, many knitters find them a necessary luxury.

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