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Favorite Knitting Blog Readers' Choice Awards

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The Readers' Choice Awards for 2013 highlight the best in knitting blogs, knitwear designers, books, yarn and needles. Share your thoughts and vote in the favorite blog category.

You may vote for one selection in each category and may vote once a day between Feb. 19 and March 19. A valid e-mail address or Facebook login is required.

Finalists are listed in alphabetical order; you can vote at the bottom of the page.

Knitting Paradise

Knitting Paradise is a knitting forum where more than 86,000 registered users talk about all aspects of knitting. Users share patterns and tutorials, ask for advice, host swaps and buy, sell and trade from their stashes and share resources.

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The Panopticon

Knitwear designer and knitting humor writer/cartoonist Franklin Habit shares the joys and frustrations of knitting on his blog, The Panopticon. He shares a tiny apartment in the big city (Chicago) with his pet sheep Dolores and an outspoken ball of sock yarn called Harry.

He's also the author of It Itches, a collection of knitting-related cartoons.

SingleHanded Knits

SingleHanded Knits is the blog and video podcast of Melissa, a knitter from Hawaii. In her podcast she talks about what she's knitting and shares a bit of her life on the island of Kauai.

The site is called SingleHanded Knits because she lost the use of her left hand in an injury. She started it in order to keep positive and keep knitting even though it's a physical challenge for her.

Wendy Knits

Wendy Knits is the online home of designer, author and teacher Wendy D. Johnson. Wendy blogs her works in progress, offers book reviews and giveaways, and posts gratuitous pictures of her cat.

She is the author of several books, including Socks from the Toe Up and Wendy Knits Lace.

The Yarn Harlot

Probably one of the best-known knitters and knitting bloggers around, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, also known as The Yarn Harlot, blogs about knitting, spinning, her teaching travels and being the mum of teenaged girls.

She's also well-known for her collections of humorous knitting essays, which most recently includes All Wound Up and Free-Range Knitter.

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