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The Readers' Choice Awards for 2012 highlight the best in knitting yarn, needles, favorite books, bloggers and websites. Learn more about the finalists in the Favorite Book of 2011 Category and vote for your favorite!

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Finalists are listed in alphabetical order; you can vote at the bottom of the page.

Finishing School

Deborah Newton has been a professional knitter for decades, and while she has to farm out the knitting for many of her designs, she still likes to do the finishing herself, because in her mind finishing can make or break a knitting project.

Her wonderful, detailed and inspiring book Finishing School takes knitters through the basics and beyond of finishing garments, including weaving in ends, blocking, adding button bands, seaming and more. It includes 14 patterns that allow you to test out different skills and has plenty of photographs to make sure everything is clear.

A Knitting Wrapsody

A Knitting Wraspody by Kristin Omdhal takes knitting in all sorts of different directions with projects that are intended to be worn in different ways. Here you'll find a cape that can also be a coat, a capelet that turns into a collar and much more.

The 18 innovative patterns are heavily influenced by crochet, and an hour-long DVD is included with the book to help readers understand the special techniques developed by Omdahl to complete her designs.

Knit, Swirl!

Speaking of innovative knitting designs, Sandra McIver's Knit, Swirl! introduces a whole new way of thinking about knit jackets. The "swirl" is a circle or oval shape, knit in the round form the bottom up, with either centered or offset necklines.

The resulting piece of knitting requires one seam to turn it into a universally flattering jacket that can often be worn right side up or upside down and has been referred to as a "miracle" sweater because it seems to make everyone look good.

Sock Knitting Master Class

Ann Budd is well-known for her love of handknit socks, and together with some of her sock-knitting friends she's produced a book full of great tips and patterns for sock knitters who want to create beautiful socks that also fit beautifully.

Sock Knitting Master Class has 17 patterns from 15 different designers that cover a variety of construction and stitch techniques. The book offers design tips for different types of sock construction and surface decoration and includes a 95-minute video that covers a lot of the same ground.

Vintage Modern Knits

Vintage Modern Knits by Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn may be the first knitting book ever that I have started a project from before I even finished looking through the book. This collection of 20 feminine patterns keeps the seasons in mind as well as classic styling and color schemes.

The book offers modern interpretations of classic designs such as the Aran sweater, Scandinavian yoke sweaters, knee socks and more.

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