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Make a Felted Cat Toy


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Gather Your Supplies
Preparing to Make Felt Cat Toy

Marking out the pattern for your felted cat toy.

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If you happen to have some felted pieces of knitting left over from a project, maybe from making a gauge swatch, that you aren't sure what to do with, one easy thing you can try is making a felted cat toy (or small human toy, or Christmas ornament) simply by cutting out shapes and reattaching them to each other.

Just the idea might be enough for you to get started on your own projects, but if you'd like more information on how to do such a thing -- or are a little intimidated by the thought of cutting up felted knitting -- this article goes through all the details.

First you'll want to get all your supplies together. For the cat toy pictured I used:

  • a piece of felted knitting about 7 inches square (mine was Peace Fleece worsted, 25 stitches and 40 rows, worked on size 11 needles, then felted)
  • a cookie cutter or other shape of your choice (you can also draw something freehand)
  • a marker
  • good quality fabric scissors
  • a needle felting mat, tool and a bit of wool for needle felting (all are optional, but if you don't use needle felting you'll need to sew the pieces together by hand or machine)
  • a bit of cat nip (or stuffing if making for a human; both are optional)

Once you have all your supplies, figure out how you can fit two copies of your shape onto the piece of felt you have (if you can't, use two pieces of felt).

Use your marker on the back side of the fabric to lightly draw the shape.

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