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Garter Stitch Tie


Garter Stitch Tie.

Garter Stitch Tie.

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Quick Ties:

This simple to knit Garter Stitch Tie is a perfect last-minute gift for a dad (or any other man) in your life. Shown knit with a fine-weight yarn, you could do the exact same thing with worsted weight yarn and it would knit up in no time flat.

Even with the finer yarn, just a couple of evenings in front of the television and one skein of yarn are all you will need to knit up this tie.


  • one skein (around 125 yards) of a textured, fingering weight cotton blend yarn (I used Marks & Kattens Savann, but other good choices include Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton or, for a smoother look, Kollage Creamy)
  • one pair size 4 US needles
  • scissors
  • yarn needle


24 stitches and 40 rows per 4 inches (6 stitches and 10 rows per inch) in Garter Stitch. Gauge is not absolutely critical.


The tie is tapered, measuring about 3.75 inches wide at the widest point and almost 2 inches wide at the narrowest (the back part of the tie). It is 48 inches long.


  1. Cast on three stitches. Knit 1 row.
  2. Knit in the front and back of the first and last stitch of the row, every other row until you have 23 stitches. Work in Garter Stitch.
  3. Knit straight until piece measures 4 inches.
  4. Decrease 1 stitch at the beginning and end of next row (I used slip, slip, knit).
  5. Knit straight for 2 inches.
  6. Decrease 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the next row, then knit straight 2 more inches.
  7. Decrease as before. Knit straight for 4 inches.
  8. Decrease again and knit 4 inches.
  9. Decrease again (11 stitches remain) and knit until piece measures 48 inches.
  10. Bind off, cut yarn and weave in ends.

Make it Your Own:

If you'd rather make a tie in a chunkier yarn, that's no problem at all. Since gauge isn't really an issue for a tie, just pick your yarn and get started with the needles the ball band suggests (if your knitting looks very tight or very loose you can go up or down as needed).

Cast on your 3 stitches and increase as described, but stop when you have a width of about 3.75 inches (or pull out a tie to determine how wide it should be).

Gradually decrease in a similar manner to what is described in the pattern until you get down to about 2 inches worth of width, then knit straight to desired length. Simple!

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