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Free Knitting Patterns: Knitting Patterns for Men

For men who knit and women who knit for the men in their lives, a collection of patterns from sweaters to socks.

Father's Day Knits

More knitters probably think of knitting for mom for Mother's Day and other holidays than think about knitting for the men in their lives for Father's Day.

Knitting for men doesn't have to be the traumatic experience passed down in fables of the sweater curse. It can be a fun experience appreciated by the …

Camouflage Hat
This Camouflage Hat could of course be knit from any yarn, but using the camouflage yarn makes this the perfect winter accessory for men who knit or just like the look of camo.

Garter Stitch Tie
This quick to knit tie is really fun and easy, even for new knitters. The texture of the yarn makes it an interesting project even while it's one you'll sail through in a few evenings.

Men's Woven Rib Sock
This Woven Rib men's sock is easy to knit but a little more entertaining than a basic Stockinette Stitch or ribbed sock. Despite the size it's still pretty quick to knit and you'll be surprised how that one little row of purling keeps you entertained.

Ribbed Hat
This men's ribbed hat is very easy to knit and offers a classic style that even the most knit-phobic guy will like. Knit slightly shorter (or with the bottom edge turned up) this hat would also fit a woman.

Chunky Tunic
This lovely sweater has a little more detail than you usually see on a men's sweater, but that doesn't make it any less masculine. A simple garter pattern around the collar adds interest to an otherwise basic pattern.

Beau Sweater
The problem many women have knitting for guys is that they refuse to wear said knitted item, either because the colors are too bright, the yarn is too warm, or some other reason. This sweater is the perfect thing for knitters working with those kids of guys. It's a relatively simple design with a horizontal cable for a little more interest and color.

Leo Sweater
This beautiful ribbed sweater is another pattern that your guy will wear, even if he doesn't wear the other sweaters you've made for him. The set-in sleeve is flattering, and the rib is simple without being too boring for the knitter. Isn't compromise grand?

Men's Fingerless Gloves
These fingerless gloves still have long fingers, so the main part of the hand stays warm while leaving the fingertips free for movement. An easy pattern and a quick project any man would enjoy.

Men's Socks
This classic pattern from 1936 will still keep your feet warm today. These long-legged socks would be perfect for a man who works outside or enjoys the outdoors.

Knitted Necktie
Knitted neckties are really cute, and just about every guy needs a tie at some point. Make one to coordinate with your favorite outfit and he'll be sure to wear it when you go out on the town.

His or Hers Sweater
This big sweater knit with super-bulky yarn makes the perfect cold-weather top for a man or a woman. The boxy shape features a V-neck to add interest and style.

Peter Easy Vest
This classic vest is easy to knit and features a simple V-neck and an easy ribbing and stockinette pattern. This quick and easy vest is much less pressure and time commitment than knitting your man a sweater.

Wristbands are a fun and quick project for both men and women. They're a great way to use up scrap yarn and keep your wrists warm at the same time. This site has patterns for both men and women.

Man's Beaded Rib Sweater
Use this pattern to make a man's beaded rib sweater in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. This man's beaded rib sweater features an easy to memorize and flattering vertical beaded rib, raglan sleeves and a picked up crew neck.

Cheer on the USA or customize this simple hat with the colors and name of your favorite team.

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