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Garter Stitch Striped Baby Blanket


Garter Stitch Baby Blanket.

A close up of the Garter Stitch Striped Baby Blanket.

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Big Blankie:

This generously sized baby blanket is easy to knit and will be useful long after baby has grown out of his or her baby clothes.

Knit with two strands of wool held together, the blanket is very warm and will be a great place for baby to play as well as keeping them cozy.


  • eight skeins each of two different colors of Lion Wool, or about 1,200 yards of two colors of medium weight, 100 percent wool yarn (I used colors 820-110, Cadet Blue, and 820-123, Sage)
  • size 13 US circular needles, with the longest cable you can find
  • scissors
  • crochet hook or yarn needle


11 stitches and 21 rows in garter stitch with two strands held together.


Finished size is about 45 inches square with some leftover yarn, so you could make it a little longer if you wanted.


  1. Cast on 120 stitches in your first color, with two strands held together. Work with two strands of the same color throughout.
  2. Knit 10 rows.
  3. Knit 10 rows in your second color.
  4. Repeat in this manner until piece measures 45 inches.
  5. Bind off in the same color as your last stripe.
  6. Cut excess yarn and weave in ends.
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