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Garter Stitch Armwarmers


Warm Your Hands Simply
Garter Stitch Armwarmers

A Garter Stitch Armwarmer on a hand.

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Garter Stitch is as easy as knitting gets, and a Garter Stitch rectangle is the simplest project there is. Seaming that rectangle gives you a quick and easy arm warmer that even a beginner can make quickly and easily.

Pair these mitts with the Garter Stitch Headband for a full ensemble of simple warmth.


  • about 85 (100) yards light-weight yarn (I used some Blue-faced Leicester I got at a fiber festival)
  • pair of size 6 US (4 mm) knitting needles
  • scissors and yarn needle


20 stitches and 36 rows per 4 inches (5 stitches and 9 rows per inch) in Garter Stitch.


Finished mitt is about 6 (7) inches around (unstretched) and 8 (9) inches long. To fit a small (large) woman's hand. Project shown is the small size. Instructions are given for the small size first with larger size in parentheses.

Knitting the Armwarmer:

  1. Cast on 30 (35) stitches.
  2. Work in Garter Stitch (knit every row) until piece measures about 8 (9) inches.
  3. Bind off, leaving a long tail for seaming.

Make two.

Finishing the Mitts:

Fold the mitt in half lengthwise and seam up about 4 (5) inches. Leave a gap of about 2 inches and sew up the remaining 2 inches at the top.

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