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Custom Armwarmers


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Design it Yourself
Custom Armwarmer with Hand

This custom armwarmer fits like a (fingerless) glove.

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Many knitters want to design custom-fit items for themselves, friends or family members but aren't sure how to begin, so this custom armwarmer knitting pattern explains everything you need to do to make a custom pair of above-the-elbow fingerless gloves using sock yarn. It also includes the exact pattern for the gloves pictured, which fit a small adult.


Start with a 100 gram ball of sock yarn and you'll have no problem making your armwarmers, no matter how big you need them to be. Mine are pretty small and I used 29 ounces of yarn per glove.

You'll also need a set of size 2 US (2.75 mm) double-pointed knitting needles (6 needles are ideal, but you can use one size 1 or 3 if you have to) or the size your yarn calls for, a flexible tape measure, scissors and a yarn needle for finishing.

If you're knitting these for yourself you'll probably measure mostly by trying them on; if you're making them for someone else you will need measurements. See below.


Gauge will vary depending on the yarn, needles and knitter. Since this is a custom project, that's fine. Knit up a circular gauge swatch to determine gauge for your particular yarn and needles. I got 27 stitches per 4 inches, or 6.75 stitches per inch.


The size will vary depending on your particular measurements, or the size of the person you are knitting for. You will need to know the measurement around or just above the elbow, the wrist size and the length of the arm from elbow to wrist to complete this project. If you're knitting for someone else, it might also be nice to know how big around their thumb is.

My personal measurements are 10 inches around the elbow, 6.5 inches for the wrist and 9 inches wrist to elbow. With the addition of the thumb and hand, my piece ended up being 15 inches long.

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