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Fleece Mittens


Fleece Mittens

Fleece Mittens.

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Warmth in a Snap:

There's nothing like a fleece sweatshirt to keep you cozy when it's really cold, and mittens knit out of fleece yarn can keep your hands just as warm when it's cold outside.

These simple fleece mittens are a perfect introduction to mitten knitting for people who've never knit mittens before. For those with some experience, they're a super quick project you could probably complete in an evening.

Either way these bright and cozy warmers are sure to get your through cold days in comfort, and maybe even with a smile on your face.


  • two balls of PolarKnit yarn (I used Deep Red and Carrot) in colors of your choice
  • set of 3 or 4 double pointed needles in sizes 11 and 13 US
  • stitch marker
  • stitch holder
  • scissors and yarn needle


10 stitches and 16 rows per 4 inches (2.5 stitches and 4 rows per inch) in Stockinette Stitch in round on size 13 needles.


Small has a hand circumference of 6.5 inches and is 9 inches long, for a teen or small adult. Larger size is 8 inches around and 9.5 inches long, for an average to large adult. Pattern is given for smaller size with larger size in parentheses, and indicates possible alterations to fit.

Instructions for Right Mitten:

  1. Cast on 16 (20) stitches on size 11 needles and with cuff color of choice. Distribute stitches onto 2 or 3 needles. Join in round, being careful not to twist. Place a stitch marker if desired.
  2. Work in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 2 inches or length of your choice.
  3. Change to body color and size 13 needles to work in Stockinette Stitch for 2 (2.25) inches, or to the crook of the thumb.
  4. Knit 1, slip 4 stitches onto stitch holder, cast on 4 stitches onto right-hand needle and knit the rest of the round.
  5. Work in Stockinette until the body (minus cuff) is 5 (5.5) inches, or to the tip of your pinky.

Finishing the Mitten:

  • Next round, *knit 2, knit 2 together. Repeat from * around.
  • Knit the next round.
  • *Knit 1, knit 2 together. Repeat from * around.
  • Knit the next round.
  • *knit 2 together. Repeat from * around.
  • Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn onto yarn needle, slip stitches off needles onto yarn and pull tight. Weave in end.
  • Knitting the Thumb:

    1. Slide the stitches off stitch marker and knit them. Pick up and knit one stitch on side of hole made by the bind off, four stitches along the top and one on the other side, for a total of 10 stitches. Distribute on needles as is comfortable for you, join in round and place marker if desired.
    2. Work in Stockinette Stitch for 1.5 (2) inches, or until halfway up the thumbnail.
    3. Next round, *knit 2, knit 2 together. Repeat from * around, ending knit 2.
    4. Knit the next round.
    5. *Knit 2 together. Repeat from * around.
    6. Cut yarn, leaving long tail. Thread yarn onto needle, slip stitches onto yarn, pull tight. Weave in ends.

    Left Mitten:

    The left mitten is exactly the same as the right mitten, except for the placement of the thumb. When you get to the round where you want your thumb to start, knit 3 (5), slip 4 to a stitch holder, cast on 4 onto the right hand needle and complete the round.

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