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Free Knitting Patterns: Knitted Mitten Patterns

Free knitting patterns for mittens, gloves and hand-warmers from around the web.

Beaded Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless gloves or armwarmers are a quick and easy knitting project when worked in a simple stitch pattern. This project jazzes up simple Stockinette Stitch by adding beading to the tops of the gloves.

Eyelet Armwarmers
These super-warm armwarmers are designed to go up to the elbow, keeping chills off your arms on days when you just want to wear a short-sleeved shirt even if there's a breeze or a cool evening coming.

Vegas Armwarmers
These armwarmers (or fingerless gloves, or gauntlets) are about the easiest thing you'll ever knit that will look so cool. They're knit flat and sewn up on the side--just leave a hole for your thumb.

Fleece Mittens
Fleece yarn is a great choice for this super simple mittens that you can knit in an evening or over the course of a weekend. The simple shape and easy thumb are perfect for people who've never knit mittens before.

Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless gloves are a wonderful, quick knitting project that you'll want to wear all the time when working on the computer or doing other tasks that require use of your fingers.

Basic Child's Mittens
These easy mittens are sized for toddlers and bigger kids and are a great blank canvas for embellishment.

Entrelac Mitts
These entrelac mitts are a great way to use a self-striping yarn; it does all the work of making these colorful mitts look really complex!

Thick and Plush Mittens
These thick mittens are great for beginners and quick to knit for all. Made of chenille and boucle, they are extra-warm and sure to keep your hands cozy on the coldest of days.

Urban Rustic Gloves
For those who think knitting tiny fingers on double-pointed needles doesn't sound like much fun, Knitty offers a cute pair of gloves knit flat. They knit up quickly, too, which is good, because it does take some time to sew the finished pieces together.

House Gloves
These lovely gloves have stripes on the fingers to fancy up an otherwise plain design. This pattern is full of abbreviations, so it might be a little intimidating for the beginner.

Oh, this is a smart idea! It's like a mitten, except the pointer finger has its own finger on the glove, making it easier to pick up things and button your coat while your hands are covered. Kind of strange looking, but very handy.

Cheat's Fingerless Gloves
This is a really super-simple way to make fingerless gloves that requires no circular knitting and virtually no finishing: just knit a rectangle and sew the side seams together, leaving a hole for your thumb.

Big Wool Mittens
These super-warm mittens were knitted with Rowan Big Wool, hence the name. They'd be great in other heavy-weight yarns as well. The designer reports the yarn pills and has almost felted through use.

"J Crew" Hat and Gloves
These gloves with matching hat were knit to mimic a pair of gloves being sold at J Crew. They are sport weight and feature a cute stripe for added interest.

Arm Socks
These cute arm socks are like legwarmers for your arms. Knit in a lovely self-striping yarn, they feature a zig-zag of eyelets running down the arm. They don't cover the hands but still are mighty nice.

Custom Armwarmers
This free knitting pattern for above-the-elbow armwarmers or fingerless gloves is more of a method to explain how to design your own custom gloves based on your personal (or someone else's) measurements.

Quick Arm Warmers
Work these quick arm warmers with just a skein of yarn and in very little time, perfect for gift knitting or a quick warmer for yourself!

Garter Stitch Armwarmers
These Garter Stitch mitts are worked flat and seamed along the side with a hole for the thumb. They're quick and easy even for new knitters.

Bias Knit Mitts
These mitts are worked on the bias with a diagonal seam for added interest in the knitting and the wearing.

Bulky Ribbed Mitts
These easy and quick ribbed mitts will keep you warm and cozy and stretch to fit a variety of hands.

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