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Winding a Ball from a Hank of Yarn


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Meet Hank
A hank of yarn.

A hank of yarn as it looks when you buy it.

Sarah White

A lot of knitting yarn comes in perfectly manageable packages like balls and skeins. All you have to do to get started knitting is pull the end of the yarn from the outside (or center) of the ball or skein, cast on and go.

Not so with knitting yarn that comes in a hank. A hank is basically a big loop of yarn. When you buy a hank of yarn, it’s usually twisted into a yarn pretzel for easier shipping. But when you unfold it, you’ll see that what you’ve lot is a big loop or doughnut of yarn.

You can’t knit with it the way it is. Trust me. You’ll make a huge mess and lose a good deal of sanity trying to make it right. The good news is, it’s completely easy to convert a hank of yarn into a ball of yarn. Here’s how you do it.

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