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Loop-d-Loop Lace

Lace with a Twist


Loop-d-Loop Lace

Loop-d-Loop Lace by Teca Durham.

Stewart, Tabori & Chang/Melanie Falick Books.

Teva Durham is known for bringing a large scale to many of her designs, so you might wonder if a book from her about lace is going to be full of nothing but super-bulky projects full of eyelets.

There is certainly some of that in Loop-d-Loop Lace: More than 30 Novel Lace Designs for Knitters, but there are also some somewhat more traditional lace projects worked with finer yarn and smaller needles. There is not, however, a laceweight shawl anywhere to be seen. (Instead, Durham turns it on its side and makes it a skirt for an asymmetrical dress.

About the Book

  • Pages: 160
  • Format: hardcover
  • Number of patterns: 31
  • Skill level: none given but the projects in each chapter range from relatively easy to advanced
  • Sizing: garments, all of which are for women, range from five to seven size offerings
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs
  • Knitting instructions: two pages at the back of the book cover special techniques such as casting on, shaping in lace, reading charts and finishing
  • Publication date:> May 2011

The Patterns

The projects in Loop-d-Loop Lace are divided into five chapters based around the kind of lace knitting used or what inspired the patterns. There are chapters for mesh, eyelets, samples, leaves and doilies (again, these are the inspiration; there are no actual doilies here!).

The chapters are more or less arranged by skill level and the patterns include tops, sweaters, a skirt, a dress, wraps, pillows, a belt and more. Each chapter opens with a bit of an introduction about Durham's inspiration or the background of the techniques used. Then each pattern is shown and described before the pattern section.

This is nice because you can see the whole chapter at a glance and then just flip past the patterns that don't interest you. Another great feature in the pattern section is a close-up photo of some of the stitching, which can further illuminate a technique or just give you a better idea of what the finished product should look like.

Some of my favorite patterns include the Purse Stitch Cardigan with Flower Brooch, a perfect summertime accessory worked in a basic faggoting pattern; the Top-Down Eyelet T-Shirt, which uses eyelets without corresponding decreases to shape the raglan sleeve caps (I wanted to cast this one on immediately, but in cotton or bamboo instead of wool); and the graphic Tiger and Snail Folkloric Blouse, which has a large lace pattern on the front that looks kind of like cables, so Durham chose a cable pattern to place on the sleeves.

The Lace Leaf Cravat is one of those projects where lace is worked large, and it is a signature project of Durham's from when Loop-d-Loop first started. And the dramatic Sunray Medallion Tunic uses the center of a vintage doily to decorate the front of a sweater.

Bottom Line

If you like lace that has a more modern look and feel, that uses different kinds of yarns and shows off patterns in unexpected ways, you're sure to enjoy Loop-d-Loop Lace. This fun and beautiful book is inspiring and shows you a multitude of ways that lace can be used and enjoyed in everyday life (now that we aren't covering everything with doilies anymore).

If you've been intimidated by lace in the past, this book also has a good range of patterns for newer lace knitters, and the larger scale of some of the projects means they'll work a little faster and it's easier to see what you're doing than it would be if you busted out the laceweight and the size 1 needles.

Fans of Durham's work who haven't knit a lot of lace will love her take on the look, too.

Publisher's website

Projects on Ravelry

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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