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Knitted Lace

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Knitted Lace

Knitted Lace by Anne Merrow.

Interweave Press.

Lace knitting projects have regularly graced the pages of Interweave Knits and other Interweave publications. Anne Merrow (who also co-edited Interweaves Favorite Socks book) has collected 25 popular patterns in Knitted Lace: A Collection of Favorite Designs from Interweave.

The book tries to pull in the full spectrum of lace knitting, from relatively easy projects like lace scarves and a bulky knit top to more complex lace shawl designs, as well as socks, skirts, stoles and more.

About the Book

  • Pages: 160
  • Format: paperback
  • Number of patterns: 25
  • Skill level: none given, but most are suited to intermediate or advanced knitters
  • Sizes: vary widely among garment patterns -- one shrug has just 3 while one tank has a staggering 10
  • Illustrations: full-color photographs; techniques are illustrated with black and white drawings
  • Knitting lessons: 9 pages cover the basics, while an introduction looks at basic lace construction and different ways to make yarn overs; other essays cover cast ons and bind offs and how to work shaping in lace patterns
  • Publication date: August 2011

The Patterns

The 25 patterns in Knitted Lace come mostly from Interweave Knits, but there are a few from other publications as well. The traditional lace shawls are well represented, but there are some less-expected options, too, like sweaters, skirts and hats.

As you might expect from an Interweave publication, the patterns are beautifully presented, with multiple large photos of each garment. Charts are of a decent size, but its likely knitters of some of the more complex projects will want to enlarge the charts to make knitting easier.

What's fun about this book that you don't always see in lace knitting books is the effort to include a wide range of projects incorporating different styles and skill levels. I love the look of a complex lace shawl, but my lifestyle doesn't fit with either knitting or wearing one. But there are still plenty of options in this book that I'd love to knit and use.

Some of the projects that caught my attention are:

  • the Simply Lovely Lace Socks, which have an easy lace pattern (no chart required!) and can be worked in superfine or fine yarn
  • the Oneshot Lace Hat, worked in Garter Stitch lace with short rows for a spiraling effect
  • the Slating Plaid Stole, another chart-free project that makes a boldly patterned, plaid-like fabric
  • the Victoria Tank, featuring an allover lace pattern and super-cute picot edgings
  • the Dorflinger Tee, a really easy and dramatic lace project worked in bulky yarn for speed and contrast
  • Bettie's Lace Stockings, an adorable pair of knee highs that incorporates panels of lace (ribbons woven through a round of eyelets optional for extra sweetness)

Bottom Line

Knitted Lace is a delightful book full of fun patterns that knitters of most skill levels and tastes should enjoy.

It proves that lace doesn't have to be dainty, terribly intricate, difficult or take a long time to knit. It shows that lace can be all of the above as well, but the wide range of options should be a lot of fun for a wide range of knitters.

If you've always thought of lace as way too dainty and girly for you, check out this book before you completely turn your back on lace. There are projects here that are funky, fun, and, while not exactly unfeminine, certainly not girly. It may just change your whole opinion of lace knitting, what it looks like and how you can use it in projects.

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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