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Knitting Technique Books

A look at books all about the various knitting techniques, including lace, fair isle, cables, felt and beading.
  1. Beaded Knitting Books (4)
  2. Color Knitting Books (24)

Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting
This catalog of a show given at the Museum of Arts and Design explores how lacy objects can be made in a wide variety of media and how knitting can subvert the viewer's traditional expectations of what a knit object is supposed to look like or how knitting is supposed to make you think or feel.

Victorian Lace Today
Inspiration for the shawls, scarves and other designs in this book came from the pages of Victorian England's knitting guides, which, though lovely, were often unreliable.

Knits to Be Noticed
If you're a knitter who likes a bit of lace in her sweaters, Knits to Be Noticed has 10 great projects that you'll enjoy knitting and will love to wear as well.

Lace Style
Whether you're a long-time fan of lace knitting or are new to the technique of putting holes in your knitting on purpose, this book provides plenty of guidance about how lace knitting works as well as 21 patterns to try.

Knits from the North Sea
Shetland lace is one of the most popular and beautiful forms of lace knitting, and in this book an American knitter teams up with a knitter from Shetland to share basic and advanced lace knitting techniques.

Jacquie's Knitting Chart Maker
Knit blogger Jacquie has a free knitting chart maker on her website that can be used online or downloaded to your computer. While it's not perfect, it's free, and would be useful to a lot of knitters.

I Can't Believe I'm Lace Knitting
Learn the basics of lace knitting and find 12 projects to try your hand at in this little booklet.

A Gathering of Lace
Meg Swansen shares a large collection of patterns for lace knitting projects from 34 different designers in this beautiful -- and somewhat intimidating -- book.

Crazy Lace
Take the frustration out of learning to knit lace by following your own patterns or devising completely random "crazy lace" for shawls and other projects.

Knitting Lace
Susanna E. Lewis' masterpiece on knitting lace was long out of print but has been brought back for a new generation of knitters by Schoolhouse Press.

Knitted Lace
The best of lace knitting from Interweave Knits and other publications is presented in this book.

Knitted Lace of Estonia
Estonian lace is gorgeous, delicate, and in ways unlike anything you've ever knit before. Nancy Bush is an able guide to the lace knitting she loves and provides a collection of lovely patterns that may just turn you into a devotee as well.

Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting
Alice Starmore's classic book on Fair Isle knitting is a great resource for knitters who want to design their own Fair Isle projects or who simply want to understand more aobut the history and traditions of this stranded knitting technique.

The Art of Fair Isle Knitting
The Art of Fair Isle Knitting is a classic for people interested in this beautiful color knitting technique. The audio version includes only the introduction and first chapter of the book, but still provides a ton of information about the history of this technique.

Cable Confidence
Learn to knit cables and enjoy 13 patterns for various cabled and textured projects, mostly sweaters, mostly for intermediate knitters.

Continuous Cables
Most knitters are familiar with the Aran-style knit cables, but Melissa Leapman takes cables to a whole different level with her book Continuous Cables.

Deborah Newton's Cable Collection
Deborah Newton shares 19 different designs for sweaters, bags, coats and more, all with cables as the centerpiece.

Inspired Cable Knits
If you've ever wondered where a designer gets her inspiration, Fiona Ellis shares the stories behind the knits as well as 20 cabled sweater and accessories designs.

Power Cables
Lily M. Chin has spent more than 20 years perfecting reversible and other advanced cable knitting techniques; here she shares her secrets and...

Felt It!
Felt It! by Maggie Pace is a fun and informative guide to the world of felting, offering 20 projects you will want to try as well as tons of tips on felting.

Working with felt covers a lot more than knitting and shrinking projects on purpose, and Feltique covers a wide range of felting techniques, from using purchased felt to wet felting, needle felting and felting knit and crochet projects.

Knitting Never Felt Better
Nicky Epstein's Knitting Never Felt Better is a drop-dead gorgeous book that will give you ideas about how to use felt that you've probably never thought of before.

Shibori Knitted Felt
Shibori is a Japanese technique usually associated with textiles, but the same techniques can be used with felting knits to incorporate interesting shapes and texture.

Interweave Knits Holiday 2006
Interweave Knits' Holiday Gifts issue for 2006 is here, and it's full of great ideas for gifts to give and receive.

Picture Perfect Knits
If you've ever wanted to learn how to make intarsia knits, or if you're already a devoted fan of the art, this book can teach and inspire you to make pictures with your knitting.

Shibori Knits
Shibori knitting involves manipulating felted articles in ways you might not have thought of before, adding non-felting fibers to the mix and devising works of art that are also quite functional. Shibori Knits shares methods, tips and patterns for working with this fun and expressive fiber form.

Successful Lace Knitting
Designers reinterpret the lace pattern designs of Dorothy Reade, a knitter who more knitters should have heard of.

Wrapped in Lace
Margaret Stove takes knitters along on her journey to lace knitting excellence by looking at historic knitting patterns from around the world and her interpretations of them.

Finishing School
Learn how to finish a garment like a pro with this book full of tips and tricks from Deborah Newton's decades in the knitwear business.

Knitting Brioche
Brioche is a special family of stitches that requires a different knitting technique, but this book has all the bases covered and offers 60 stitch patterns to play with.

Wendy Knits Lace
Learn to knit lace and expand your skills with these 20 patterns for mitts, hats, socks and shawls with a little or a lot of lace.

Lacy Knits
Mohair-silk yarn wouldn't be my first choice for knitting lace, but some of the projects in this book pull off the ethereal look nicely.

Loop-d-Loop Lace
Knit lace with a modern twist in these patterns that play with scale, pattern and how lace is used in projects.

Beyond Knit & Purl
Are you a newish knitter stumped as to what to knit next or how to find a pattern that's not too hard for you? Let this book be your guide.

Knitting from the Top
This classic reference on top-down knitting can help you knit custom sweaters, skirts, pants and more from the top down.

Heart Felt Knits
Heart Felt Knits offers a stylish, modern take on felted accessories but a lot of the projects use the same techniques.

Circular Knitting Workshop
Learn how to knit in the round on one circular, using double points, two circulars, the Magic Loop method and find plenty of patterns to try out circular knitting techniques.

Stitch'n Bitch Superstar Knitting
Debbie Stoller takes knitters beyond the basics in Stitch'n Bitch style with a book all about building skills in colorwork, lace, cables, beaded knitting and more.

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