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How to Add Beads to Your Knitting

Learn how to knit with beads including how to get beads onto your yarn and knit with the prestrung beads and how to add beads to a knitting project as you go.

Stringing Beads onto Yarn
Stringing beads onto yarn before knitting is an easy way to have beads at the ready when you want to use them in your knitting projects. Just string the beads on the yarn, moving them down as you knit, then place a bead wherever you want.

Knitting with Prestrung Beads
Knitting with beads is easy when you string the beads onto the yarn before you get started. Here, a tutorial on how to do just that.

How to Add Beads to Knitting as You Go
Prestringing is a common way to add beads to knitting, but if you decide you want to add beads in the middle of a knitting project, you can still do so with the aid of a teeny tiny crochet hook.

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