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Picking up Stitches


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Pick up the Stitch
Picking up a stitch

Picking up a stitch on the edge of a knitted piece.

Sarah White

Picking up stitches is an easy way to build off of a finished edge. You might be asked to pick up stitches to add ribbing to the bottom of a sweater, to add earflaps to a hat or to make a project seamless, as with the Spring-Colored Felted Bowl.

The process of picking up stitches is actually quite simple. First, read the pattern to determine how many stitches you need to pick up. Determine where you will need to pick up stitches in order to evenly space the stitches in the space available.

Slide your needle under both parts of the V of the stitch on the very edge of the work. Some people prefer to work with only one part of the stitch, which is also fine, while others work one stitch in from the edge. This is useful if you have a messy edge and want to form a cleaner line in your project. Just make sure you keep picking up stitches straight across the work and don't wander from row to row.

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