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Finishing a Purl Row
Purl Row Worked in Fair Isle

A finished purl row worked in stranded or Fair Isle knitting.

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As on the knit side, just continue to follow your chart and change colors when needed to keep the stranded knitting pattern going on the purl side.

Since you can't really see how the pattern is forming for all the strands on this side, if you're working a complicated pattern or just want to check up on how you're progressing, flip the work over so you can see the knit side periodically to make sure everything looks OK.

At the end of the row it will look like you have a big mess on your hands, but that's the way it's supposed to look, with a bunch of floats that are neither too loose nor too tight. Now would probably be a good time to untwist your working yarns if they're getting very tangled as you switch between colors.

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