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Entrelac Knitting: Knit Side


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Finishing the Knit Side Sqaure
Finished Knit Square Entrelac

A finished knit sqaure in entrelac.

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Repeat the previous two rows 6 more times (7 total) to shape the knit side square. When you have one stitch still unworked, purl 7, slip the last stitch, turn, knit 7, slip, slip, knit.

All stitches have been worked. Do not turn the work. The first square is complete.

Adjust this accordingly depending on how many stitches you have in each square you're working. For example if you were working with 10 stitches, you would have picked up 9 and would work purl 9, slip 1, turn, knit 9, ssk instead until all stitches are worked.

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